AD&D - New World

61: Descent Into the Depths of the Urth

our heroes escape the chaos storm...

The Revengers have divided.

Ervendio, Bea, and Mildred leave the castle to find and recruit the remaining residents of the Grimlands — Maeve, Ursula, Svendar, and the druids of the Sanctuary — before leaving the Chaos Storm for good. With Ervendion’s spells, they have an easy march. Ursula, heartbroken over the death of her son Petar, requests that they recover her son’s antler-bone dagger, which they recover from Teks’s buried body. Embracing their role as the hornblowers, they convince the druids to return to the castle with them, and to escape this cursed land before it is destroyed.

Back at the castle, Bertram, Golgaraz, and Valeria wait for their friends’ return. Moving about the castle to avoid detection, Bertram witnesses Tristen enter a room as a living man at sunset, only to emerge as a ghost. When the rest of the Revengers return, days later, they manage to gain access to this hidden sanctuary, only to find it covered in magical, unbreakable, fireproof webs. Unable to safely enter the room, the Revengers decide to leave the castle — and the Chaos Storm — altogether.

The retrieval of this piece of the rod has cost the lives of two Revengers and separated them from Minja by centuries. But they have gained new allies, and are one step closer to restoring the Rod of 7 Parts.

The Revengers escape the castle and the storm through a bolted exit in the castle’s deepest cavern. They pass through the veil of the storm and return to their own time — though now they must wander through the Underdark, a dark and lightless world of strange new dangers.

One of their new druid allies falls and dies as they descend the mile-long tunnel into the depths of the urth, but the rest of the party make it to the bottom through featherfall and Tenser’s floating disc. They find themselves in a vast cavern and tunnel. They make camp, and finally put the urthly remains of Jongle, their friend, brother, and fellow Revenger, to rest. Ervendio leads the ceremony, quietly honoring Jongle with the full rites of an elven funeral.

In the morning — as best they can tell in this sunless land — the Revengers start their journey. Ervendio again helps them with easy march, and after several miles in the tunnel they find a guardpost held by several drow — dark elves. Bertram’s comprehend languages allows him to understand their undercommon speech, and a common-speaking guard named Droth offers to let them pass the post at a cost of 1,000 platinum. As they other guards debate whether to simply murder the party, Mildred casts charm person on Droth. Tempers flare and the male guards, led by Droth, seem on the verge of battling the female drow — allowing the Revengers to slip past unnoticed.

The Revengers camp again, and the next day continue further down the tunnel. They notice a group of a dozen rats fleeing from them, heading further down the tunnel — Valeria catches one and Mildred’s animal friendship endears it to her. The rat’s name is Carol and it tells Mildred that the others have gone on to warn some tentacle-faced creatures up ahead that strangers are approaching. Interpreting the map discovered by Bertram, Valeria realizes that if they backtrack and take a side-passage near the drow guards, they can sidestep these creatures entirely. Ervendio — recognizing their description — advises that they do so.

The party returns the guard post and prepares to sneak past the drow there. Bertram casts invisibility on about half of their large group, and when Bea attempts the same she experiences a wild surge — instead of another invisibility spell, it causes Ervendio and Valeria’s suspicions of arcane magic-users to deepen.

The Revengers and their retinue of lost druids, partly invisible, prepare to slip past the drow guards as best they can….

Group Awards
Escaping the Chaos Storm, 12,000
A Funeral for Jongle, 6,000
Drow Guardpost, 4225

Group Total, 22,225. Individual Award, 3705

Bea 4905 (Fireballed A Bed 1200, Group 3705)
Bertram 4905 (Puts Hair On Your Chest 1200, Group 3705)
Ervendio 4905 (Elven Rites 1200, Group 3705)
*Golgaraz*4905 (Golgaraz’s Floating Disc 1200, Group 3705)
Mildred 4905 (Drow Charmer 1200, Group 3705)
Valeria 4905 (You Would’ve Been A Great Dad 1200, Group 3705)

identified: 2 potions of healing


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