AD&D - New World

59: Alas, Poor Olde Jongle G. Janglemancer

our heroes delve under ground, into time

Past the empty torture room, the Revengers find a number of tiny, cramped prison cells. Only one cell is occupied — the Revengers meet Andrew ApFittle, male heir to the ApFittle clan of Birnam. He has been imprisoned in the ApBlanc castle for months — or longer — because his family the Ogre in the war against the Wolf.

Andrew is convinced he has been with lycanthropy by a wererat in his cell. Andrew constantly beats the rat to death, only to watch it come back to life. Valeria kills the wererat with her holy trident Wolfsbane. Andrew also begs to be put out of his misery, and after much debate Valeria gives him her trident. He drives the points through his neck and jaw, killing himself instantly.

The violence is too much for Bertram. Thinking of his fallen friends Canicus and Proteus — of Teks, who aged and died almost before his very eyes — he has a nervous breakdown. Ervendio comforts him, but Bertram thinks it’s all too much, all too wrong. What if they could have found the master wererat and saved Andrew?

Jongle is also outraged — he confronts Valeria, who says that she hopes he would have done the same for her if she had been infected. Jongle says he would not. Bertram says what she did wasn’t right. Valeria says that sometimes what’s good isn’t right.

The move deeper into the basement. In another cell, they discover Brianne ApBlanc, the missing daughter of the castle’s lord. She says her father is named Tristen, and that he imprisoned her when she wanted to leave the castle and follow the teachings of the druids of the groves. She tells the Revengers that her brothers are both dead — Gilan by wolf attack and Morholt killed in his bed by an assassin. She believes her father is evil and is some kind of “daytime vampire” — a drinker of blood, but not undead. She has never seen him at night at all, her entire life.

She is given a cloak, a waterskin, a bootknife, and Harpo — who is also there and has been the whole time — and freed from her cell. She thanks the Revengers and takes her leave of them.

The Revengers discover another sub-level of the basement, and a hallway filled with traps. Valeria almost dies in an acid pit, and Bertram begins to meticulously check the floor for more pits. While looking he falls into one himself, but he is saved from falling by Bea’s feather fall, and the group rescues him. At the end of the deadly hallway, the Revengers discover the Lord’s Treasury.

Inside they find several closed chests and, pedestals that hold, respectively, a ring; a bottle; bagpipes; a black rod; and a scroll. Bertram identifies that they are all “enchanted,” except the scroll which is “protective.” The rod, while magical, does not give up its secrets to Bertram’s spells. But ruat tells Valeria that it is lex — the sixth piece of the Rod of 7 Parts.

As they prepare to check the pedestals for traps, a cold presence enters the room. It is a ghost! The same spirit they encountered earlier that aged Bea prematurely. Again it appears to be hideously burned and with a gash or scar across its neck.

Valeria attacks the spirit with Wolfsbane while the others prepare their defenses. The ghost points at Jongle and keens — and Jongle ages 40 years on the spot, becoming an elderly, liver-spotted goblin in an instant. As an old goblin, Jongle reaches for the bagpipes and blows: a fog fills the room, erupting from the pipes themselves.

Bea’s spells prove ineffective against the ghost, but Valeria manages to do some damage with her holy trident. The ghost tells them, “You should not be here!” and he fades away….

Group Awards
Wererat in a Cage, 270
Andrew ApFittle, 6000
Brianne ApBlanc, 6000
Entrance to the Lord’s Treasury, 3000

Group Total: 15,270 Individual Award: 3,054

Individual Totals
Bea (Feather Fall For a Friend 950, Group 3,054)
Bertram (No Lockpicks 950, Group 3,054)
Ervendio (A Friend Indeed 950, Group 3,054)
Jongle (So … Old! 950, Group 3,054)
Valeria (Suicide is Painless 950, Group 3,054)

Bagpipes of Fog: Blowing these bagpipes allow its possessor to blow forth a thick cloud of heavy fog equal to that of a fog cloud spell. Each round spent blowing it creates a 10-cubic-foot fog cloud. The cloud lasts for 2d4 rounds after the last round of blowing the instrument.


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