AD&D - New World

58: In A Vampire Castle, No Holds Barred

our heroes travel deeper in a time-lost castle...

In the kitchen of Grimland’s castle, the Revengers discover the boy Gilan has died by wolf attack. Jongle convinces the cook, Rosalie, that he has been in touch with Gilan from beyond the grave.

The butler, whose name is Weevil Purplebottom and who shares an ancestor with Bea — wants the Revengers tossed from the castle, at swordpoint if need be. Rosalie tells them to stay hidden until nightfall, she will come talk to them.

Valeria is horrified that her dad is a liar. Bertram wants to burn the whole castle down, retrieve the rod from the ashes, and walk away from the entire affair.

Harpo, who is also there, tries to hold Bea’s hand. Volcano — and everyone else! — objecst thoroughly and Harpo is really embarrassed.

Meeting with the cook after sunset, she brings them inside the castle. Jongle convinces her that Weevil and “the master” are in league together, orchestrating Gilan’s death, and that the master of the castle is a vampire. Rosalie tells them that not only has Gilan died — the family’s older son, Morholt, was killed within the castle walls, and their daughter, Brianne, has disappeared entirely — all within the last year.

Weevil threatens to stumble upon them and Golgaraz creations a distraction with dancing lights to scare him away. Weevil calls out that he’s seen a g-g-g-ghost and runs away, but Rosalie also is pulled away from the Revengers — they gain no more information from her this night.

The Revengers move deeper into the castle. They go downstairs, briefly raid the pantry. They find a basement room holding the castle well and Valeria, on the group’s suggestion, dives down. Her attempt to climb fails and she falls into the cold, clear water below, and Jongle instinctively goes after her. They both find themselves in dark, watery cavern, but discover nothing else of note. Jongle turns into a bat to fly out, and back topside, he nearly chokes on a blood leech injested in the water below. He coughs it up and steps on it, bursting the creature under his foot.

In further reality warping, Golgaraz briefly becomes trapped when his robes are transformed by a wild surge into an ubroken suit of iron — but Bea’s alternate reality undoes this state of affairs as if it never occurred.

Before the Revengers leave the well room, a wailing ghost comes downstairs! He resembles a younger man with long, black hair who has been terribly burned all over his body. There is a great gash or cut across his throat. He points at Bea and his terrible keening accelerates her age — she ages 40 years in a single moment. Golgaraz attempts to turn the spirit. He fails, but the ghost fades away anyway.

Then, the Revengers hear a voice from the previously empty well. It is a woman, asking if they are Brianne or if they have seen her. When Valerian answers no, the voice says no more.

The Revengers go back upstairs and investigate the other tower, heading downstairs and spying guards playing cards. Bertram reconnoiters them and Jongle swipes their keys. The Revengers make a plan to draw them upstairs and sneak past them — they create a magical wall, but no one wants to get the guards’ attention. Valeria steps out to cause the distraction, but this breaks the spell. They call out for the guards, Valeria hides, no one else does, and the guards attack.

Combat! Golgaraz silences the area and the Revengers are able to overcome the castle guards, leaving them tied up.

They move on past the guards and discover a grisly torture room, empty but obviously used quite recently. The floor and the torture devices are stained with dark blood, the castle is quiet, and it is the middle of the night….

Group Awards
Rosalie and the Ghost Story, 1200
Throat Leech, 35
A Keening Ghost, 100
Castle Guards, 250

Group Total 1585 , Individual Award 317

Individual Totals
Bea 1267 (Old Lady Purplebottom 950, Group 317)
Bertram 1267 (Burn It All Down 950, Group 317)
Golgaraz 1267 (Dancing Lights 950, Group 317)
Jongle 1267 (Ghost Whisperer 950, Group 317)
Valeria 1267 (Cat’s Cradle 950, Group 317)

some breads and cheeses (Bertram)


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