AD&D - New World

MW 16: The City Subterrene
dawn of the overmind, part three

The party heads east with Tracker, leaving the Gozabrain alone in the nautiloid ship. They follow Tracker for days into the wilderness, until they hear a strange sobbing in the hills: it is a huge, big, guy, who has just (accidentally?) killed a beastman.

Dana Noodle calms and befriends the musclebound, mulleted man. The party helps him to dry-wash his hands clean of blood, discovering he is an escapee from the Vivimancer’s lair of strange experiments. He is massively strong, carries a lazer rifle with 4 shots left, and has copper-colored skin that easily splits and bleeds. He cannot remember his name, so they name him Big Guy.

Meanwhile, Beastman — the one who has pledged himself to Roc — agrees to carry Roc’s backpack, formally re-pledging himself to the giff.

Tracker leads them over another hill and to a borehole that plunges into Penumbra’s surface. A dark, 200’ foot pit that Big Guy climbs down — and promptly falls down, splitting his skin and hurting himself. Eedi discovers the spell feather fall is enscribed on the back of the six of scrolls she found in the Hungry One’s lair, and she reads it off — floating the rest of the party down the tunnel, but burning up all 6 scrolls in the process.

They find themselves in a sunken city subterrene made of shells and whorls — an ancient, abandoned illithid city — surrounding by the clacking/clicking noises of blind, hunting hook horrors!

They avoid the blind beasts and explore the mostly empty buildings, stopping at a psychic lock that electrifies Roc and then crumbles away. They discover the last temple of Maanzecorian, a dead illithid god, and the ghostly avatar of the lost god rises — ready for revenge. But Xoldak burns it from the multiverse with his palm tattoo — the avatar disappears, leaving behind a Gem of Brightness that Xoldak claims. Big Guy finds 10 platinum pieces littered amongst the debris, which he distributes to the party (including Shadow, who had given him a healing potion after his fall).

In the next room, they meet 2 gith-ish creatures — similar to the inhabitants of Royl — treasure hunters, whose friends had been killed by the hook horrors. Named Forker and Conroe, they trade their crackling, seemingly-magical crossbows to Roc and Shadow, as well as the location of the next, deeper borehold, if they party will help them past the hook horrors and back to the surface.

Big Guy expertly tosses a rock and distracts the 3 hook horrors guarding the tunnel, and Forker and Conroe escape to the surface. The party follows their directions, toward the nest of the hook horror queen, and the borehole leading deeper into Penumbra….

Avatar of Maanzecorian, 5000
Gem of Brightness, 2000
platinum pieces, 1000
a silent approach, 1000

Group Total: 9000. Individual Award: 1800

Individual Award
Big Guy 1900 (Big Guys Do Cry 100, Group 1800)
Dana Noodle 1900 (Friend Maker 100, Group 1800)
Eedi 1900 (Feather Falling 100, Group 1800)
Roc 1900 (Beastman Master 100, Group 1800)
Xoldak 1900 (Godkiller 100, 1800)

Gem of Brightness.
50 charges.
costs 0 charges to shed a 10’, 2.5’ wide beam of light.
costs 1 charge to shed a very bright ray of 1’ in diameter/50’ long light that will dazzle any in its path for 1d4 rounds. Save vs. magic to avoid effect.
costs 5 charges to flare in a blinding flash (cone that’s 30’ long, 5’ wide at the end), any creature in the area must save vs. spells or be blinded for 1-4 rounds, and thereafter suffer -1d4 on attack rolls due to permanent damage.

10 platinum pieces

2 crossbows, crackling with energy

MW 15: The Hungry One
dawn of the overmind, part two

The away team sticks around the village of Royl to have a breakfast of fried spider-lizards, then heads west to hunt the Hungry One. At a sentry tower on the edge of the forest, they meet some guards. The guards laugh at Tarrahumara, who has followed the party, even though he has packed really well for the trek and is very prepared. Tarrahumara is run off and the away team & the sentry guards go through his pack. Roc takes one of his kerchiefs; the sentry guards warn the party to watch out for the Hungry One’s babies.

In the forest, Xoldak spies the hungerers — six humanoid-sized spiders and the babies of the Hungry One. The party destroys them, but in the process Roc catches the forest on fire. Goza is temporarily paralyzed by a spider bite and the party retreats to the sentry tower as the fire escalates. Roc shows them how to make a fire line, which ultimately saves the village. The people of Royl watch and keep the fire under control as the party hikes for several days around the burning forest, approaching the Hungry One’s lair from the north.

The lair is a fetid hole in the hills. The Hungry One is a 20’-tall spider-beast. It is sleeping and fat and grotesque, and with the fire it is unaware of the party’s approach.

They approach warily, finding the corpse of Tarrahumara webbed up — he had gone ahead of them seeking to prove himself after being laughed at by the guards. Eedi is momentarily caught in the web herself, but she cuts herself free and causes a chain reaction that bounces away and incapacitates any hungerers/babies that would have otherwise approached.

Xoldak silences the party to ensure a stealthy approach. Eedi attempts to cast light on the Hungry One anyway, causing a wild surge: light is successfully cast on the Hungry One’s many eyes, and, as a result of the surge, Eedi becomes immune to lycanthropy.

Eedi’s light blinds the monster and Goza attacks it with greek fire, setting it aflame. Roc chops off one of its many legs, but the Hungry One still manages to bite Goza — poisoning & killing the Last Scro in the Galaxy. But the paralysis poison still lingering in his body affects the Hungry One, and the survivors are able to destroy the beast — Xoldak kills it with Goza’s harpoon.

The party finds some loot in the lair (sp, 6 spell scrolls, a khopesh). Jelly Man absorbs some of the Hungry One’s lethal poison — and becomes deadly poisonous to the touch! They find a beastman who pledges himself to Roc. Xoldak cuts off the head of Goza’s corpse — ritually! — and Roc realizes he knows how to save Goza’s brain, so they return to the nautiloid and place Goza’s brain in the brainmate. Goza awakens in the ship, still alive, in a manner of speaking.

Meanwhile, Eedi carries the body of Tamahumara back to Chieftan Unter at Royl, who thinks this is a sign that their village is doomed. But Eedi sparks hope within him when she lies and says Tarrahumara killed the Hungry One.

Unter indicates a guide, called Tracker, who will lead them to the ruins, where a clue to the nature and location of the Annulus may be found…

The Hungerers, 1050
The Hungry One, 10,000
loot, 200

Group Total: 11,250. Individual Award 2813

Eedi 2913 (Corspebearer 100, Group 2813)
Goza 2913 (Spiderfood 100, Group 2813)
Roc 2913 (Fireline 100, Group 2813)
Xoldak 2913 (Tattoohand 100, Group 2813)

2,000 sp

a khopesh


  • Sepia Snake Sigil (wiz lv3)
  • Magic Mirror (wiz 4)
  • Mordenkainen’s Faithful Houn (wiz 5)
  • Move Earth (wiz 6)
  • Malec-Keth’s Flame Fist (wiz 7, ToM)
  • Incendiary Cloud (wiz 8)
MW 14: Flight to Penumbra
dawn of the overmind, part one

At the crashed and snowed-in nautiloid, Thorn heats metal revealing an entrance. Roc pops the door open with his mighty giffian muslces!

Inside, they find what appears to be the bridge — and a strange spelljamming helm. The bridge is surrounded by a wall of broken glass cases, all holding decayed and dessicated brains … all but one! It is intact and floating in blue brine. Roc retrieves the brain and slips it into the helm.

The ship comes back to life! Now in place, the brainmate takes control of the nautiloid, wakes it up and rights it, and communicates to all aboard telepathically. It says,

Launch initiated. Autonomous naulitoid control initiated. Calculating celestial indices to account for millennial drift. New calculations indicate a journey time of 19 sleep periods, plus or minus three sleep periods.

The ship very quickly rights and launches itself, leaving Urth and zooming through and beyond the still-ongoing elf/illithid fight happening in orbit. The away team is separated from the Void Mother’s Hand! They try attacking & disconnecting the brainmate from the helm, but every time they do it shoots of an electric charge. They soon abandon their efforts, and the ship enters spelljamming speed. They are rocketing to the edge of the solar system!

During launch, Dana notices something very strange: out here, with a clear view of the stars, there just aren’t as many of them as there used to be.

Exploring the ship, they find it’s older than the current war, perhaps much, much older. After a week of uninterrupted travel, the nautiloid leaves the crystal sphere and passes into the Phlogiston: inter-sphere space, surrounded by swirling rainbow clouds and gases. Knowing this substance is very flammable, they extinguish all exterior flames.

While flying through the phlog a strange ephemeral smudge-beast creeps board, tracking Roc. Roc scares it away, but next it attaches itself to Eedi, feeding on Eedi’s intelligence. When Eedi calls a crew meeting to discuss the invader, it appears even as Eedi is describing it to the others; Goza and Roc think to attack it with fire (safely below decks, away from the flammable phlogiston). The smudgy beast is destroyed.

After another several days of travel, the nautiloid enters a new crystal sphere. There is a brief loss of gravity on the ship, until the brainmate announces,

Artificial attraction field initiated. Air generators online. Heating filaments energized. Lockdown on exits successful. Psychoportive propulsion initiated. Remaining travel time to Penumbra estimated at six sleep periods.

Thornn looks to the stars, but finds very, very few in the skies. What she does see are very dim.

After a few more days of travel, the ship if briefly infested by some kind of strange space larvae — the voor, seemingly floating in space, burrow into the craft and are destroyed by the crew.

The brainmate announces the nautiloid’s arrival on Penumbra, a disc/superstructure built around a star. The superstructure surrounds the star and blocks the light, except through a (relatively) small opening. The disc itself is enormous — bigger than the Urth — and appears to have vegetable life growing on it and massive, world-sized bodies of water. The brainmate brings the ship in for an automated landing, setting down in a grassy field. The brainmate says,

Successful touchdown on Penumbra, last known location of the Annulus.

The brainmate is unwilling, or unable, to give more information on the Annulus.

Penumbra itself is in a state of perpetual twilight. It is an alien world, though it’s not clear who built this superstructure or if life is supposed to be thriving on it. Dana leaves the ship to go hunting, and encounters Boomlak, a gith-like (yet not githyanki!) hunter dressed in skins. In exchange for Thornn’s wheel-lock pistol, Boomlak takes them to Royl, his village, where they meet Chief Unter.

Unter has several problems: 1) a wizard called the vivimancer, whose wastelings steal his people, has kidnapped his priestly advisor, Hollerith; 2) a beast called the Hungry One eats his people; 3) the beastmen kills his people.

The group is hesitant/unable to name their wants or intentions. Unter presumes they have come from the sky, like gods, and want to return there. He cannot help with this, but there are old ruins nearby that may hold the knowledge they require. He will help them find the ruins if they destroy the Hungry One.

The crew asks if others like them have come there and are told of Arack — a brave explorer from generations ago — who “stared at the sun and was blinded.”

They agree to find and destroy the Hungry One. They also gift Berwick’s hand crossbow to the tribe. Roc says, “It was given to me by a mighty warrior.”

They rest for the night in the village. The chieftan’s son, Tarrahumara, wants to accompany them, and offers to pity-wed Eedi. She refuses him, and everyone is reasonably sure Tarrahumara will follow them anyway.

In the morning, they head west to find the Hungry One…

Awakening the Nautiloid, 1000
Ephemeral, 1000
Voor Larvae x2, 8000
Friends with Boomlak, 250

Group Total: 10,250. Individual Award: 2050

Individual Totals
Dana Noodle 2150 (Killfist 100, Group 2050)
Eedi 2150 (Translator 100, Group 2050)
Goza 2150 (Friendbiter pt II 100, Group 2050)
Roc 2150 (Brainmate 100, Group 2050)
Thornn 2150 (Gift-Giver 100, Group 2050)


Moonwar 13
back to urth

Eduardo, still loyal to the Gauntlet, chooses marooning on the asteroid rather than staying on the Hand. Eduardo takes the letters of marque for pirate bounties in return for not giving up the intent & location of the group. The dock crew in the brig are also marooned. The group continues to hold Scoldur prisoner — he offers to take over the ship with Roc, promising there is “real treasure” in the inner worlds that canmake them both rich. Roc says no. Shadow stays with the Hand, effectively quitting the Gauntlet.

Xoldak reads the map Thornn bought from Old Rollio; Scro is in the outer ring of a nearby system. This system has 9 worlds. Pursuing his own agenda, Xoldak secretly gives the helm coordinates for Urth, instead of Scro. Xoldak sends them the wrong direction at first — almost aiming them into the Sun — but he readjusts and the Hand suddenly lurches out of spelljamming speed and — back home!

They emerge in the middle of an illithid/elf armada space battle. Xoldak orders them to ignore the fight and go to the surface of the Urth, to look for the crashed nautiloid R’ylleh, the illithid ambassador, told him to pursue. But the others decide to join the fight — briefly — and help an elven man o’ war escape from an illithid dreadnought. The Hand gets the attention of the dreadnought, drawing its fire, allowing the elves to (barely) escape, before the Hand itself flees and flies down to the Urth. .

Xoldak directs the Hand to the Urth’s northern polar region, where they cruise and look for indications of a crashed nautiloid. Goza spies a ship on its side, buried in snow, and the Hand circles back to hover over it. A search disembarks by rope ladder as the ship hovers overhead: Xoldak, Roc, Dana Noodle, Goza, Thornn, and Shadow.

The search crew digs in the snow, though no one is dressed for the harsh weather environments. They manage to stay relatively protected from the worst of the elements — except Roc, whose tail turns black and frostbitten. To save his life, Xoldak karate chops Roc’s brittle tail off.

As they continue to excavate the ship, looking for an entrance, night falls. A group of ogres with torches and wolves approach — they demand tribute from these strange strangers in the form of food. Instead, the search team attacks! The ogres are killed (except one, who flees), two of them engulfed in flames from Dana Noodle’s greek fire pots. Among them Goza briefly spies a creature that looks much like him, except … backwards? Some kind of urthbound backwards-scro. Goza and Thorn kill the strange creature with harpoons & darts.

With their dead enemies in a circle around them, and the partially-uncovered nautiloid below them, the search team has a brief respite in the cold night of Urth….

Group Awards
illithid dreadnought: 350
ogres: 270
orc mage: 35

Group Total: 655. Individual Award: 131

Dana Noodle 231 (Greek Fired 100, Group 131)
Goza 231 (Backwards Scro 100, Group 131)
Roc 231 (De-tailed 100, Group 131)
Thornn 231 (Quartermaster 100, Group 131)
Xoldak 231 (Navigational Error 100, Group 131)


Moonwar 12
bringing in the bounty

The fight wraps up – Tal Gilgalad is killed by Goza, who eats his face in front of both crews.

Goza is charm personed by Lara, a wizard on the Barracuda. He … kind of loves her? She is shot with an arrow by Xoldak, but lives. The Barracuda flees.

Berwick surrenders – he and Roc have a – friendship? a romance? a what? Gifts are given (an expensive mirror; a hand crossbow). Berwick parts ways with the Hand when they return to the Rock of Braal.

Salvatore & Doug, two members of the Barracuda crew stuck on the Hand, pitch in as crew on the return voyage.They are offered a chance to stay on, but they are turned off by Wrecker’s murderous & chaotic ways. They disembark as well.

Goza collects the bounty from Tal Gilgalad — 8,000 gold, as promised. But! Goza is taken into custody, accused of the murder of the gith ambassador. The Prince’s own guards arrest him.

Dana + Xoldak chase guards, individually — Xoldak sees the guards report in & send a squad toward the ship. He runs back to report; Dana waylays/gags a different guard, but then sees another squad taking in Goza. (She feeds the guard soap, which Roc had given her instead of the crossbow.)

The ship escapes, spelljammed by Xoldak; they had been boarded by the Braal dockmaster & crew, to check inventory & detain them; Jelly Man accidentally kills the dockmaster by absorbing him. The rest of the dock crew are taken prisoner, and put in the brig with Scoldur.

Meanwhile: Thornn goes to Old Rollio’s & buys the map that leads to the Scro homeworld (for 3,000 gold).

Thornn & Dana meet up; the others take the ship to a nearby asteroid & Roc pays for the passage from a skiffmaster (“He wanted me to look at his collection of pearls, and then we talked about our feelings”).

Thornn & Dana walk in to meet with Goza, who has dismissed his counsel (Seven, an aaracockra lawyer). They pay the guards 1000gp to let them out. The guards become their new bi’son (and they promptly formalize crew positions and duties!).

Roc again pays to be skiffed out (“He wanted to show me his action figure collection”), and they are back on the Hand and free to go where they will.

Group Awards
Vissq, 1000
Tal Gilgalad, 1000
Bounty Gold, 8000
Escape! 500

Group Total: 10,500. Individual Total: 1750

Individual Awards
Dana Noodle 1850 (Soapeater 100, Group 1750)
Eedi 1850 (A Most Neutral Captain 100, Group 1750)
Goza 1850 (Embassy of One 100, Group 1750)
Roc 1850 (An Expensive Mirror 100, Group 1750)
Thornn 1850 (Bi’Sun Negotiator 100, Group 1750)
Xoldak 1850 (Guard Follower 100, Group 1750)

8,000 gold – bounty for Tal Gilgalad
wheel lock pistol (Thornn)
hand crossbow (Roc)

Moonwar 11

On the Rock, Goza leads the group to the Midden (aka the Shit Hole) to seek info on the pirate Tal Gilgalad. A lizardman has some info: he was once a crewmember on the Barracuda. They demand surrender, and will otherwise fight to the death! He was kicked off the boat when he wouldn’t kill someone. He also recognizes Goza as a Scro suspect in recent embassy murders. The crew flees.

They head out into the belt! They check in with new crew about possible settlements. The dracon Scoldur knows of a farm asteroid he raided with a previous crew — they killed all the men, leaving the women stranded. Scoldur is a creep & resistant to taking Goza’s old job jettisoning trash.

The rastipede Marley turns out to be a writer who signed up for the experience!

At the farm: a scared woman, daughters who want to run off. She hits them. They trade info for food — Gilgalad came through, took nothing (but two daughters came aboard as pirates?). They let her ID Scoldur as a raider — he is put in the brig after a brief fight in which he is put to sleep. Fob the Bard is briefly part of the scouting party.

NEW BO’SUN: Wrecker rigs the votes and he wins. Laak congratulates him.

XOLDAK AND THE JELLY MAN: he is invulnerable to physical harm? “all who know fear will burn at his touch.”


They follow directions — arc toward the gas giant Juno — and find the barracuda! It flies the elven moon flag, then switches to pirate flag. Engage! Trade catapults — they plug it — then the B crew connects & boards.

the fight with the barracuda crew! 2 rounds, still ongoing.

- FIRST ROUND: crew boards

- SECOND ROUND: aboard the Hand, Tar Gilgalad, Berwick, various crew (invaders are being outmatched)

Group Awards
The Midden, 75
The Farm, 200

Group Total: 275. Individual Award: 46

Individual Totals
Dana Noodle 146 ( 100, Group 46)
Eedi 146 ( 100, Group 46)
Goza 146 ( 100, Group 46)
Roc 146 ( 100, Group 46)
Thornn 146 ( 100, Group 46)
Xoldak 146 ( 100, Group 46)

2 farm spoons

A Look into Roc's Past


Roc set out to find the New Generation. He had a scrap of paper he had ripped off a bulletin in the square with a number assigned to it. He would be no. 34 for the next six months if things went as planned, and in a year he’d be back in the Xixchil nebula, with some coin in his pocket for a change.

The New Generation was captained by an old hurwaeti by the name of Garr. He had a six inch scar across a long dead eye, and a terrible chewing habit that had eaten away at his gums, leaving his teeth brown and decayed. He was constantly spitting into an old tin cup that he kept with him at all times, and would take a thick plug of tobacco into his lower lip as he took assessment of a thing. Garr paced the deck, peppering his navigator with questions, his mate with demands, and constantly falling back to “Why are we nottt underrrwayyyy-sst .” Roc was both terrified and in awe of the captain. There weren’t too many like him braving the phlogiston anymore. Most captains his age were either retired or dead.

There was a rumor circulating around the Port of Chance that Garr was acting strangely as of late. Some had claimed to have seen him ensconced below the burial mounds at Zillium for the last six weeks. The urgency of the ship’s departure was concerning to Roc, but the New Generation was in good standing to his knowledge, and had a reputation for paying its crew handsomely.


Roc would be a gunner. There were twelve medium ballistae aboard the New Generation, each manned by a crew of three. A human nub named Chipp and a gruff Giff gunny chief they called “Boogie” were on the 6th port side gun with Roc.

The New Generation was a merchant clipper, groundling construction, and crewed by an even mix of humans and giff. She would be carrying forty tons of pig iron to Klacklon in 56 weeks. The ever present dangers of pirates, natural phenomenon, and weather were possibilities that Roc and the 6th gun tried to put out of their minds. Most had family, a beloved pet, or significant other waiting for them somewhere in the cosmos. That was their comfort on long voyages. Without something or someone to toil for, it was easy for a man to become listless.

Boogie was one such man. He took special delight in whipping Chipp into a panic. With his horrible burns, debilitating disfigurements, and deleterious anecdotes of the spaceways; there were were constant reminders to Chipp of the dangers of becoming complacent. Chipp took it well, because he had to. He understood he would be hazed. He knew he would be tested. The most important thing, all the old timers would tell him, was not to crack.

For the first half of their trip, life was good for Roc. The crew had a good balance of Giff discipline and human devil-may-care charm. “Three squares and a chair.” Was the colloquial mantra for the gunnies. It didn’t matter what the pay was. His stomach was full, he had work, and he went to sleep with the smell of powder tinging his nostrils. Roc thought back to those cold nights on some distant moon in Wildspace— out all night without a coat, fighting for space on exhaust vents to keep from freezing to death, too numb to care if he lived or died. That was no way to go. He knew how that story ends.

He never knew his mother or father.
He was an orphan, and then he wasn’t the day he joined a crew. A ship was home. A ship is what family felt like. One thin slip of air amidst a sea of nothingness.

Moonwar 10
embassy hijinks!

bullet point version

- hauls in the Skyrunner, mistakenly ID it as “swiftrunner”

- to the Gauntlet! a few of the crew voulnteer as members (Thornn, ____, ______, ______, _____ ) sign up to be “I am part of the Gauntlet.”

- they turn in the Skyrunner and walk away with 1320. 216 to the crew, and 1104 into the “command crew pot”

- they buy supplies & Thornn & Roc supervise repairs on the ship. The Hand is like new!

- Meanwhile, Eedi goes to the gith embassy to report to the admiralty what she’s been up to. They try to conscript her! There’s a civil war in gith and all able-bodied warriors are required to go home & fight. She resists & is locked up.

- Fuma reports her missing; Goza investigates with command crew.

- embassy guards: they conscript Xoldak & Dana, who agree to be led in. One of the guards tells Roc he has “puffy cheeks.” His bro points out that is racist, and he apologizes.

- Inside, a hostess leads them to a waiting room. An Ambassador lays out the expectation: sign up for service, go back to Urth, fight for “their lord.” Dana says no, Xoldak agrees; Dana is commaned to Stop (then shot with a crossbow!) and kept prisoner; Xoldak is taken to Eedi to convince her.

- Xoldak’s plan: use this excuse to go back to Urth & follow up on the illithid ambassador’s lead re: a crashed illithid shop that could lead to the Void Mother. Eedi is not quite on board? But agrees. The Ambassador leads them to DAna, who has promptly bashed her way out of her rooom.

- OUTSIDE: Roc headbutts the guard in retaliation; Goza backs up his crewmate, and they incapicate the 2 guards — smashing one of their eyeballs. Goza puts on an ill-fitting guard unfiorm, Roc covers himself in wine, and they sneak inside. They are clearly witnessed — this is happeneing in the street. Thornn sits the whole thing out, not wanting to get involved in another embassy scuffle.

- Inside, the 2 groups converge. The Ambassador is intrigued by Xoldak’s plan to take their own ship back to Urth and join the fight, but she still want to send Eedi on separate shuttle. As they are negotiating — Goza takcles her, knocking her into a doorknob. She dies!

- The group hastily retreats! Gith guards chase, but they get out (Xoldak strolls out, unnoticed; Thornn heals the one with the damaged eye, tries to get more info on the gith civil war, but the guard is unwilling/unable to talk)

- The command crew scatters & reconvenes at the ship. Eedi tells Fuma about the civil war; Fuma & four other Gith opt to leave the ship & return home, intent on contributing their services to unifying their people.

- The command crew post for replacements & get 2 Gauntlet members (Eduardo, a deck ape; and a disguised! Queen Haverdash XVIII of the deep gnomes); and 4 randos from the pubs (a rastipede named Marley; a dracon named Scoldur; a gnome named Regert, and 1 jelly creature who took a liking to Xoldak).

The crew now numbers: 6 githyanki (who have forsaken their homeland), 11 elves, 8 amnesiac humans, 1 giff, 1 scro, 1 rastipede, 1 dracon, 1 strange jelly creature, 1 gnome, 1 deep gnome, and 1 deck ape, for a total of 33.

Meanwhile/meanwhile: The Major has given the crew the letters of marque for several priate bounties, given to the Gauntlet by Prince Andru himself:

  • Tal Gilgalad, elf, captain of the Barracuda, a hammership; known to prowl the asteroid belt, 8k gp
  • Erik Something?, captain of the Raven, a groundling ship; known to prowl the outer sphere, 5k gp
  • ???; captain of the Frostfire, a squidship, known to prowl the outer gas giants, 7k gp
  • Manara, captain of the Hex, a galleon, location unknown, 10k gp
  • Cain, captain of the Rampage, a hammership, location unknown, 10k gp

Skyrunner Loot, 1104
Ship Repairs, 300
Embassy Murder II, 125
Group Total: 1529. Individual Award: 255

Dana Noodle 355 (Door Bash 100, Group 255)
Eedi 355 (Prisoner of Conscience 100, Group 255)
Goza 355 (Tackle! 100, Group 255)
Roc 355 (Headbutter 100, Group 255)
Thornn 355 (Diplomatic Immunity 100, Group 255)
Xoldak 355 (Voice of Reason 100, Group 255)

1104 gp for the Skyrunner

Moonwar 9
beholder superweapon

The command crew of the Void Mother’s Hand flies along with an (unnamed!) tribe of beholders on their Tyrant-class ship, chasing the Ravager.

Eedi discovers the beholders have a simple plan of attack: ram the Ravager from behind and pierce it, then eject the humanoids to battle “the traitor” Tobart in the crystal. The beholders fully expect the humanoids to die, but they hope they will weaken Tobart enough that they can destroy him themselves in the aftermath.

During the voyage, Eedi manages to alienate several beholders; Dana Noodle tries making soup from the beholders’ store of meat cubes, but the beholders take offense and turn her soup to stone; Thornn investigates the Tyrant’s helms and discovers the ship & its weaponry is powered by the beholders’ innate magical abilities; Wrecker is nearly disintegrated.

Catching up to the Ravager, the Tyrant busts through its shell and the beholders use telekinesis to lift the command crew up to the crystal. Goza probes the crystal’s outer shell and discovers it is bustable — Goza and Roc bust through it, fall through, and discover Captain Tobart in an exosuit.

Tobart starts to tell his tale, and explain his desire to destroy all beholders with the Ravager — but Goza immediately throws a harpoon at him, piercing his central eye and blinding him. The command crew attacks en masse, and Dana Noodle uses her acidic hands to dismantle the exosuit itself. Tobart lashes out blindly with an energy beam, hurting Thornn, but the crew prevails and Tobart surrenders.

The beholders from the Tyrant ascend to the crystal, disintegrating Tobart and taking command of the Ravager. They offer to commend the crew of the Hand amongst their people, but the crew says no thanks — they will settle for a promise not to turn the Ravager against Urth, the Moon, or the Rock of Braal for a period of five-thousand years. The beholders counter-offer a century of peace, and the crew accepts.

The beholders take the crew back to the Void Mother’s Hand, Eedi is elected the new captain. Goza remains first mate and Fuma remains boatswain, with Dana Noodle becoming the new navigator. The position of helmsman was not decided.

The Hand hooks up their grappling tethers to the remains of Tobart’s Skyrunner and hauls it back toward the Rock of Braal, looking forward to payment from The Gauntlet — and a new adventure!
Group Awards
The Traitor Tobart, 7000
Skyrunner Recovered, 1000

Group Total: 8000 Individual Award: 1600

Individual Totals
Dana Noodle 1700 (Acid Hands 100, Group 1600)
Eedi 1700 (New Captain 100, Group 1600)
Goza 1700 (Eye ‘Poon 100, Group 1600)
Roc 1700 (Stonecrop’s Stone Heart 100, Group 1600)
Thornn 1700 (Eying the Beholder Ship 100, Group 1600)

the wrecked remains of the Skyrunner

Moonwar 8
the ravager


exploring the shell, covered in slime

spirals down

a great slug! — Roc drops his greek fire, it falls into gel

Goza falls in — face first! almost suffocates, even with his zero-G combat training

Dana Noodle is strapped into rope harness & lowered down by Roc — plucks Goza up

Goza sees the giant slug

The slime is _slow_ing them down

They decide to head out — to look for the black shell instead

The shell is cracked! the monolith/tube drills down and “takes” the eye, killing the incarnation

Water rushes in — cracked pieces of the shell floating around. Roc can swim, helps Goza. Maladein is swept under the waves! He is sucked down in a kind of riptide — he sees the “drill” kill the slug and claim the eye. Then, water rushes into his lungs … Maladein is dead.

The others paddle away on Kajagoogoo’s corpse, but with the slug gone K has also died. The cub3e unfolds! Water rushes away, they are swooped up//saved by Eedi (again!).

Watching other cubes spread/separate & form a circle, around a “dipping” crystal. They are forming a cirlce, with the extended


Goza takes command! Commands the Hand into combat, directing all fire on the eye at the end of that spindly arm. It takes a hit from one catapult, and then Dana Noodle bullseyes it with another shot — destroying the eye!

The opening-cube falls to the bottom of the asteroid as the crew cheers. The rest of the extant cubes — minus the eyes the crews have destroyed — coalesce around the central crystal.

The Hand takes cover, hiding behind a hovering cube; Eedie finds something about the navigation amiss; Thornn realizes the de-eyed cubes are all drifting down. They crash, and the Hand takes refuge among them.

Roc calls out: Stonecrop! They discover the flesh golem down amongst the crashed (exterior). Stonecrop calls; Roc must order him to stop guarding the (crashed/destroyed) exosuit before Stonecrop will climb up.

They’ve heard strange noises; they see the Ravager has flown up & crashed through the top/glass. They pursue, watch it destroy 3/4 beholder tyrant ships. One is disintegrated, one is TK’ed away, the other is “death” drifted. The 4th tries to flee.

The Ravager moves on past it — back toward the Rock of Braal. Fuma recommends they parley with the fleeing tyrant ship.

They contact it — still fearful, through Eedi, they negotiate that the beholders will take up to 10 of the crew on their (speedier) tyrant ship, to catch the Ravager before it catches up to the Rock.

The accompanying crew: Roc, Goza, Thornn, Dana, Eedi, Xoldak, Kano, Wrecker, Zallio, Gob. 10 beholders will stay on the Hand, now under Fuma as acting captain; Roc gives command of Stonecrop over to Fuma as well.

Group Awards
Into/Out of the Pink Shell, 100
The Slow Eye, 1200
Beholder Parley, 3000

Group Total: 4300. Individual Award: 860

Individual Totals
Dana Noodle 910 (BullsEye! 50, Group 860)
Eedi 910 (I Speak Beholder 50, Group 860)
Goza 910 (Acting Captain 50, Group 860)
Maladein 0 (Drifting Into The Deep 0).
Thornn 910 (Ballista Duty 50, Group 860)
Roc 910 (Roc’in’ the Cat’pult 50, Group 860)


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