AD&D - New World

98: These Were Bad Guys
our heroes kill a shaman

A shaman duel! Jongle immediately wants out, even as the Gordion shaman distributes small, sentient funginids for each participant to eat. The shaman eats his, and his fingernails grow and harden into talons. Jongle won’t eat his.

The shaman finally accepts that Jongle wants out, and starts to negotiate the terms: the shaman tallies that Jongle will owe him and the village 10,000 gold pieces, which can be paid upfront or — even better — owed as a debt.

As those negotiations continue, Valeria assesses the funginid Jongle refused to swallow. It indeed appears sentient – and Valeria senses that the shaman and many of the villagers are evil. She grabs the shaman, who in turn attempts to control her mind with a spell. Valeria drives her trident through him, killing him.

The gathered villages surround and rush the party. Jongle calls down an ice storm and the party retreats into the shaman’s tent, bringing his corpse. Earnest stands out front to guard them. The group searches the shaman’s body for the bone he mentioned — the one that contains information on the Wolf — but they don’t find it. They do find more jars under his bed, some of which contain small funginids, and some of which hold shimmering smoke.

They step out of the tent as the storm ends and discover that several of the villagers are untouched, but dead — roughly corresponding with the jars of the shaman that shattered when Valeria killed him and dragged his corpse inside. They realize the jars were phylacteries, containing the souls of the villagers. When they broke, the villagers died. They also realize — the bone may well be inside the shaman.

Jongle & Ragnaught cut him open as the others take walks and stand guard. The villagers are all hiding and afraid. Jongle’s ring of x-ray shows that one of the shaman’s forearm bones contains hashmarks and dots – they cut it out and take it. After hearing a story about whale bone penises, Ragnaught also cuts off the shaman’s genitals. After a word from the others, however, Ragnaught tosses it aside. The group leaves town.

A large plume of green smoke rises from the south, where they had left the funginid village previously. The sound of a storm rings out to the east. The party heads east, but takes refuge in a stone-shaped hut for the night.

The Pope is wary of Valeria’s actions in the village. He is unconvinced by her explanation that he was evil and deserved to die. He tends toward Earnest as the group settles in for the night.

Jongle deciphers the bone via a spell: it is a short and concise chronicle of the Wolf, and the village’s devotion to him. It states that the Wolf’s soul was separated into 7 pieces, but that one day it will be reassembled enabling the Wolf’s return. It likens the Wolf’s followers to sheep, who exist to feed their god, and whose souls are herded and tended to by the shaman.

The morning, the wild storm has passed. The air smells like lightning and blood. The party continues east.

After a few hours, they spy humanoids ahead on horseback, gathered around the carcasses of giant lizards. They are covered, head to toe, wearing goggles and masks — similar, but not identical, to Robuskinot the spell-fence — and carrying strange, long, narrow weapons. These outriders invite the party to camp and eat with them. One of them speaks Common, referring to it as “the old tongue.”

They trade myths & folktales. The outriders are followers of Nemo. They speak of a city to the north, beyond which is a “forbidden zone” where their “great khan” has assembled the Seven Tribes into an army. Now that the Chaos Storm has ended, this army is preparing to invade the urth in all directions — spreading out to find and gather the Rod of 7 Parts and return here to the old human kingdoms, where they will re-assemble the rod at White Plume Mountain, allowing the Wolf to return.

They are friendly, but the Revengers are cautious. All parties go to sleep, but separate watches are kept as night falls….

Group Awards
Gordion Shaman, 300
Outrider Meeting, 800

Group Total: 1100 Individual Award: 184

Individual Totals
Earnest 10,184 (Cold Sentinel 10,000; Group 184)
Ervendio 10,184 (Stone Shaper 10,000; Group 184)
Jeff 10,184 (Conscientious Objector 10,000; Group 184)
Jongle 10,184 (Duel Dodger 10,000; Group 184)
Ragnaught 10,184 (Corpse Carver 10,000; Group 184)
Valeria 10,184 (Shaman Strike 10,000; Group 184)

holy armbone (Jongle)

97: You Catch More Honey With Honey
our heroes enter the stormlands

Mildred’s Revengers arrive on the fungal shores of the old human kingdoms. The Amaran ship they’ve traveled on sends them off in a rowboat, then continues on its own way — to explore the seas newly cleared of the Chaos Storm.

Hearing strange, echoing roars in the distance, the party enters the fungal forest — only to find that some of the fungus is sentient and mobile. Different from the myconids of Khalid’s island, these funginids offer safe passage through the lands in exchange for … honey.


Ragnaught feels right at home in the reeking, damp fungal forest, but Valeria has to constantly air out her pits.

Nearing the clearing, the Revengers stop to peer through the tall mushrooms. They see the beehives, but they look like strange, smooth metal pillars growing out of the ground. Dozens of fat, heart-sized bees buzz about — the sound is like the rattle of their inner ears. Jongle sends a bear illusion into the clearing, and the atomic bees attack it.

The audible illusion also attracts the roaring thing — a cromagnogolem, a cave bear made out of clay with the skull of an ancient, ancient bear in place of its head. Valeria approaches it and tries to tame it, but the millennia-old magic that created the bear is twisted and savage. The cromagnogolem attacks, trying to crush her!

As the atomic bees fight Jongle’s illusion, the Revengers fight the golem. Dispelling magic seems to “melt” the clay, and finally the skull is cracked and broken in two. But the clay seems to start re-forming itself right away.

The party turns its attention toward the bees and their hive. Through the cloud of angry atomic beeks, they are approached by one of The Beekeepers — a tall, humanoid-shaped living scramble of colors. The Beekeeper requests “a machine.” It wonders why identical forms are many, but with constant changes. Why not individual forms with less change?

The Revengers don’t know the answer to this questions, but they offer it a crossbow in exchange for honey. Ervendio immediately eats some, and finds himself stronger, heartier, and healthier than ever. Earnest guards the rest, so that their promise may be honored.

They deliver the atomic honey to the funginids. A flat topped obsidian funginid takes it and pours it over himself, immediately starting to transform into … something else. The Revengers promptly take their leave, but not before asking for information about the rod and the Wolf, being told to go north to meet the Knotsmen.

They camp for the night in the fungal forest and encounter a man wrapped in rags & bells: Robuskinot, the Keeper of Stolen Spells. He trades them knowledge of two spells (divine Animal Summoning II; arcane Dismissal) in exchange for a night’s sleep and a bead of avoid evil eye. He almost gets some handstuff, but no go. In the morning, he is gone. Also, it turns out Captain Jeff has been in Valeria’s bag! For who knows how long.

The party continues north, clearing the forest and moving upland. They find a village of Knotsmen, human-like creatures with bulbous knots under their skin. Some of the Knotsmen are literally twisted and turned up over/around themselves, walking on backwards hands and feet. They are fearful of the party. One, called The Bailiff, invites Jongle, Ervnedio, and Valeria into his tent to speak privately.

Jongles casts friendship on the Bailiff. He knows of the rods — they are the Wolf’s, and the Wolf will return to devour the world when they are reassembled. This is well known to him and his people.

Asked for a book about their rituals, the Bailiff says there is only a bone, carved with sacred information. It can only be seen by a bailiff, and to be a bailiff you must kill the one you are closest to. Jongle affirms that The Bailiff is who he is closest to, and the Bailiff accepts this ritual challenge. He and Jongle will duel for the position of shaman, in the sacred tradition of the Knotsmen!

The Bailiff exits the tent and announces to the village that the sacred duel is about to begin….

Group Awards
Cromagnogolem, 1000
Honey of the Atomic Bees, 9000
The Beekeeper, 1250
Robuskinot, Keeper of Stolen Spells, 1200

Group Total: 12,450. Individual Awards: 2075

Individual Totals
Earnest 12,075 (Too Tall for the Tiny Hut 10,000; Group 2075)
Ervendio 12,075 (Honey Dipper 10,000; Group 2075)
Fresh Jeff 12,075 (Are You Guys Smoking 10,000; Group 2075)
Jongle 12,075 (You Are My Friend 10,000; Group 2075)
Ragnaught 12,075 (I Pee On It 10,000; Group 2075)
Valeria 12,075 (AAAaarrGGHHH 10,000; Group 2075)

atomic bee honey (given to the funginids)

96: Schism
our heroes split the church

Jongle ethereals back into Angus Weet’s tent. He becomes corporeal and puts his goggles of true sight back on — and he sees the black chest, wedged in a corner of the tent. Jongle knocks it, which temporarily disturbs a wizard lock that had been placed on the chest. Jongle opens the chest and and the sound of a gonging bell rings out around him! Inside the chest he finds a black bell, a bone horn, an amulet depicting two hands bound at the wrist, and a book bound in burned black leather.

Jongle scoops up the items – and as soon as he touches the bell, he is engulfed by smoke and white noise.

The smoke clears and Jongle stands in a peaceful glen. An elf meditates before a fire – it is Glimmer Greyhaven, but as he was thousands of years ago. There is a smear of blood on the rocks nearby. Jongle speaks, but the elf seemingly cannot hear him. A human approaches – a man with wild, long hair – and the two converse as if Jongle is not there. The human is Nemonad Arcworth, before he was known as The Wolf. The red smear is evidence of their comrade Seamus, the leprechaun. Edrick Half-Ogre has killed Seamus — again — and the cleric Rathan refuses to resurrect the leprechaun. Nemonad and Glimmer argue – Nemonad for the leprechaun’s resurrection, Glimmer against.

Another figure approaches, this time one who can see Jongle. It is another aspect of Nemonad – older, missing his eye. He asks Jongle, what would cause friends to turn against each other?

Jongle answers: having different goals, objectives, philosophies.

In the vision, Rathan returns from somewhere unseen and says that Seamus’s soul has been imprisoned by a malevolent spirit on the Outer Planes. He cannot be resurrected by a simple spell. Edrick returns from meditation, and announces that the band will travel to the Planes to bring back their friend.

The vision changes: armies are gathering. There is a white-plumed mountain in the distant, and a column of white smoke or spray. The armies are of the living and the dead; as the dead kill the living, they bolster the ranks of the undead army. Edrick emerges in gleaming armor, wielding a flaming trident. Jongle recognizes it as Valeria’s trident.

The Wolf, now older with streaks of white in his hair, asks Jongle: how do you steel yourself to fight your friends?

Jongle answers: “I wouldn’t. I would run away.”

The vision changes: the tiny office & home of Minja & Beano. A young Valeria and an old Teks enter, bringing a family dinner. They gather around the table, laughing, talking, and eating.

The Wolf, now in shadow, asks: what is family worth?

Jongle answers, “I used to think it was everything.”

The vision changes again: the same place, but Minja is old and on her deathbed. An elderly Beano holds her hand. Minja asks if they’ve done enough, if they’ve left enough clues for Jongle to find the pieces of the rod. Beano says they did all they could.

Jongle doesn’t want to watch this.

The Wolf, now a dead thing, a living corpse, asks: how can you be repaid for losing your family?

Jongle says you can’t — but then, Jongle doesn’t think this is family.

Black smoke and white noise envelope Jongle again. The Wolf points his skeletal arm — missing its left hand — at Jongle and tells him to assemble the rod and bring it to White Plume Mountain. He says he can give Jongle back what he has lost.

The smoke disappears. Jongle is back where the pope’s camp used to be — but a full day has passed and the camp is gone. Jongle, still holding the items from the chest, gathers them, turns into a bat, and flies toward Grudgewood.

+ + + + +

Meanwhile, Valeria and the others meet with the cardinals. They convince them to allow the group to take the Pope with them on a pilgrimage to White Plume Mountain, site of the battle between Edrick & Nemonad. Ervendio, familiar with the etiquette ins & outs of such a meeting, brings Carol/Ann and Erveera to the meeting and keeps the cardinals off-balance by pointing out that his gods listen to him. An alarm sounds — unbeknownst to the group, this is Jongle infiltrating the black chest — and they rush to the tents to investigate. Angus Weet suspiciously disappears for a few minutes, and the Pope sleepily emerges from his tent.

Valeria calls on the Pope’s advisors to publicly swear to work “for the good of Edrick and the Pope in his absence,” and they prick their fingers on Edrick’s Trident. No one explodes! This means none of the advisors are chaotic-evil.

Bertram calls the cardinals out for their hypocrisy and demands that the church give up its dogma, and instead serve the people. Most in the Pope’s camp take this to heart, including Cardinal Skizzum Skurge and the Pope himself. The other advisors leave in disgust — there is a schism in the church, with the Pope turning against his advisors. In the ensuing tumult the cardinals escape the camp. Cardinal Skurge, the Daughters of Edrick, and the Pope himself are calling for change as Angus Weet, Koot Morr, and Boon Marrow escape to Skullcap.

The Revengers accompany the Pope to Grudgewood to meet with the Barrow Wood Council. Bertram leaves the party once again, to pursue and spy on the cardinals. Valeria orders the Papal Knights to wander the kingdom doing good, as knights errant. The party travels to Eddistone Point and establishes a stronghold there, leaving the Daughters of Edrick to oversee its construction around the original signaling tower. After a tree-climbing incident, Earnest and the Pope become best friends

Taking the young pope with them, the party goes to Skunt and boards a vessel bound for the old human kingdoms. . They will lead the Pope to White Plume Mountain.

After weeks of travel, the Revengers’ ship approaches the coast once hidden by the Chaos Storm. The beach looks swampy, overgrown, and dangerous….

Group Awards
Cardinal Loot: 5800
A Dark Vision: 1200
Trident Pledge: 800
Two Churches: 3000
A Stronghold: 1000

Group Total: 11,800. Individual Awards: 1967

Bertram 11,967 (Bertram Luther 10,000; Group 1967)
Earnest 11,967 (Best Friends 10,000; Group 1967)
Ervendio 11,967 (Social Graces 10,000; Group 1967)
Jongle 11,967 (Night Visions 10,000; Group 1967)
Ragnaught 11,967 (Bored Meetings 10,000; Group 1967)
Valeria 11,967 (Oathmaker 10,000; Group 1967)

- linking bell: it allows the wielder to communicate with whoever (or whatever!) has the other linked bell, as if they are in the same room. (Jongle) (800xp)

- horn of the exalted dead: when sounded it will summon the spirit of dead warriors. It is inscribed with the names Blackfinger, Gideon, Wisp, Caiman, Umber, H’val, and Trok. Jongle feels he has not learned all there is to know about this item and its use. (Jongle) (4000xp)

- an amulet of health, depicting two hands, bound at the wrists: it protects the wearer from disease and madness. It even wards against magical diseases like lycanthropy and mummy rot. The amulet will not cure these afflictions, nor will they affect anyone who already has them. (Jongle) (1000xp)

- a book bound in burned black leather, written in Infernal: unidentified. (Jongle)

Bertram's Declaration

Wheresoever there is a people united by common community of livelihood into oneness, it will become the strongest land in the world, for they will be as one man to defend their inheritance.
Whereas on the other side—pleading for property and single interest divides the people of a land, and the whole world into parties, and this is the cause of all wars and all bloodshed and contentions everywhere.
But when once the Urth becomes a common treasury again, as it must, then this enmity of all lands will cease, and none shall dare to seek dominion over another, neither shall any dare to kill another nor desire more of the Urth than another. Then may the Urth know love, peace, unity and prosperity.

95: Luncheon with Ageptus
our heroes meet the pope


- ervendio & earnest go to jail, but ghost out of it; receive Woot’s message

- MEET WITH THE GUARDS – challenges Val to combat, Victor loses, the rest of the guards pledge themselves to The Paladin, the Light That Has Never Gone Out

- Victor is going to wander the urth as a lone knight, as he pledged to do before the fight

- Valeria is escorted to the pope’s main party

- crowd gathers, whispers; meet KOOT MORR. he asks V 3 questions:

- where was Edrick born? doesn’t know. the name of the MT. where he died? doesn’t know. what does he want? For the Good & True

- pope notices from the carriage: wants to meet her, Weet announces a stop/a lunch

- Jongle is disguised as MOTHER DOLORES, mother superior of the Daughters of Edrick

- at lunch, Earnest tells a wandering tale

- Gritto comes by — cured of his blindness — doesn’t recognize Jongle

- Weet tries to run the meeting, but V asks if the pope like dogs. he does!

- Pope & Val go for a walk!

- Earnest & Chow Chow lick plates

- Ervendio teaches some non-magical herbalism, treats injuries

- Jongle catches the eye of Cyril, in the dish-washing tent.

- on their walk, Val and the Pope talk about How to Be Good. The Pope says — twice — that he is in danger & wants to be taken away.

- At dinner The Pope formally recognizes Valeria as The Paladin, The Light That Has Never Gone Out, and General of the Armies. He asks her to be his advisor, and she says yes.

- there is talk about how to proceed; the nuns want “Mother Dolores” brought on as advisor as well

- they meet Cyril in the dish tent; he thinks this is a set up, he was meant to assassinate the pope and be caught. He wants to leave & play the lute. He believes WEET is the Black Cardinal – there is a locked black chest in his tent.

- MEANWHILE: back in Gwood, Jongle invents the printing press & socialism. It doesn’t catch on, except with a few intellectuals/academics. The author of the pamphlet is unknown. UNBEKNOWNST TO ALL: Red Al harbors secret sympathies to the cause, but now that he’s the establishment he knows he can never give them what they want.

- Jongle camoflages into the tent, can’t find a black chest. There is a large brown one & a big cabinet, he can’t unlock any.

- the rest of the group goes to meet with The Cardinals — Jongle is etherealed by Ervendio, and goes into the mystery FIFTH TENT

- Jongle finds VOLO there — still alive! somehow resurrected? — writing a letter in gnomish.

- Jongle floats out, to check the rest of the tent — ethereal for another 10ish minutes — looking for the black chest

Group Awards
Knightly Combat, 500
Papal Lunch, 1200

Group Total: 1700. Individual Award: 340

Individual Totals
Bertram 10,340 (Red Figg 10,000; Group 340)
Earnest 10,340 (I Eat Until I Am Full 10,000; Group 340)
Ervendio 10,340 (Herbal Tutor 10,000; Group: 340)
Jongle 10,340 (Mother Dolores 10,000; Group 340)
Valeria 10,340 (The Light That Has Never Gone Out 10,000; Group 340)


Valeria: I fear for my father’s soul.

Bertram: to repair his friendship with Ervendio.

Ervendio: Bertram has offended my deity and I do not trust him.

Earnest: to protect Valeria.

Jongle: sang songs of Valeria when they were apart

Ragnaught: trusts Valeria implicitly

94: The Stargazer's Tower
our heroes agree to terms

The group continues to explore the tower. They discover a dial that powers the move tube and go down to the lower levels, where a series of force fields separates them from ten unopened/unspoiled boxes. They go back up, looking for a way to deactivate the fields.

Finding a row of cells, they discover some old & new friends inside — an alternate timeline Jongle Janglemancer (who did not die in the Chaos Storm – and instead traveled with Minja and a baby Valeria), and Ragnaught Tognarbro, a bullywug cleric.

In two of the other cells they find chained skeletons crying out for freedom. When Earnest opens one of the cells, however, a wraith emerges from the skeleton and reaches for him. Ervendio turns the spirit and it returns to its bony prison. They continue to cry for release, but the group leaves them behind.

At the top of the tower they find a telescope room. Flippin’ switches, Valeria and Ervendio look through the telescope and see a far-off planet or crystal sphere, home to strange plant-like creatures.

In another room, they discover a ghost who offers to play a game of chess for their souls. Jongle immediately accepts and barely outwits the ghost — gaining access to a secret library. Inside he finds several books on strange stars (which he ignores) and a single spellbook filled with low level spells. Earnest finds a scroll about shoelaces.

In another library, the group discovers tomes on light, glass, and metalwork. They discover an icy chest filled with vials of red liquid. They leave the vials untouched.

In one of their elevator rides, Valeria recites a poem she wrote about her re-discovered father, Jongle. Jongle says he’s written songs about her, but he won’t reveal them.

Back in the dungeon, the group finds that two of the force fields have been lowered by something they did upstairs. Ervendio and Jongle work the levers together, and Earnest and Carol/Ann proceed through the fields to the boxes. They discover boxes and boxes of gold and silver — which the Barrow Wood militia above want payment from. They give each of the 29 soldiers (and Bertram) 50 gp each. The wizard is left in the tower in his circle of salt.

The group teleports back to Grudgewood and meets with Red Al. They decide to establish a stronghold at Eddistone, but they will have to travel there to suss out the situation with the locals, who are said to be hostile and untrusting toward the Revengers.

Jongle pickpockets a massive bag of platinum from Chest Art. Valeria speaks to Chest, asking directly about the Black Cardinal — Chest seems put off and tells her to come to his tent in the evening.

The group goes banking and meets with Durge, depositing their treasure and getting the now-living Jongle some of his money back. They establish a group account for “The Real Revengers,” not to be confused with The New Revengers, LLC.

Ragnaught goes off to see the town on his own, as do Carol/Ann and Ervendio’s Silverwind henchman. Jongles advises Ragnaught to visit the brothel, which he does not do.

At Chest’s tent, Chest Art asserts there is no Black Cardinal. He says the nuns who accompanied Valeria and Bertram to Grudgewood have been “sent away”. Chest also says that Red Al has agreed to the posted terms of the pope’s visit: that there will be no combat or magic during or leading up to the visit, that a temple of the Church of the West will be established in Grudgewood, led by a goblin named Father Boon Marrow, and that a meeting between the Pope and the entire Barrow Wood council will be held.

Chest Art extracts a promise from Valeria, Ervendio, Jongle, and Earnest that they will not engage in combat or spellcasting during or leading up to the Pope’s visit; Jongle uses ventriloquism to make it appear that Bertram also makes this pledge.

Despite a meeting that was tense at times, they dinner & wine ends cordially. The Pope is scheduled to arrive in two days….

Wraith, 2000
Telescope Room, 500
Force Fields, 5000
My Dinner With Chest Art, 1000
Treasure, 19,855

Group Total: 28,355 Individual Total: 5671

Individual Awards
Bertram: 15,671 (Where’s My Fifty Gold 10,000; Group 5671)
Earnest: 15,671 (No Consequence, Great Girth 10,000; Group 5671)
Ervendio: 15,671 (Telescopist 10,000, Group 5671)
Jongle: 15,671 (Chess Champion 10,000; Group 5671)
Valeria: 15,671 (Elevator Poetry 10,000; Group 5671)

scroll about shoelaces
spellbook (2 level 1 wizard spells – Jongle’s choice)

9,591 gp
57,642 sp
900 pp

1 large pearl (properties unknown)
1 set of crystal dice (properties unknown)
1 bag of powder (properties unknown)

Active Bonds

Valeria: I fear for my father’s soul.

Bertram: to repair his friendship with Ervendio.

Ervendio: Bertram has offended my deity and I do not trust him.

Earnest: to protect Valeria.

Jongle: sang songs of Valeria when they were apart

Ragnaught: trusts Valeria implicitly

93: Circle of Salt
our heroes reunite

Some months after parting ways from the Revengers on the dinosaur world (called Dino World by Earnest), Valeria arrives back in Grudgewood along with Earnest and a re-constituted Bertram Figg. They arrive around the same time as Chest Art, the head of security for Pope Ageptus II, who has arrived a week in advance of the pope himself.

Valeria tries to hitch Up Top on Chest’s carriage, but when she gives Earnest a hand he inadvertently pulls her off. She sets off on Chow Chow, who Bertram enlarges to 2x his size. Valeria & Bertram ride the giant Chow Chow up the hill, passing the carriage, while Earnest carries the now broken saddle and all of Valeria’s possessions.

Up Top, Ervendio discovers that Red Al is not in Grudgewood — he’s somewhere to the east, hunting bandits. Valeria and Ervendio reunite, and Ervendio greets the “new” Bertram with mistrust.

Chest and his papal soldiers (supposedly paladins of Edrick) arrive, scoffing at Valeria’s claim to be a paladin herself. Bertram tries to goad Valeria into committing to an arm-wrestling competition with Ruby, one of the papal knights.

Sister Agatha, one of the nuns accompanying Valeria, Bertram, and Earnest across the Westlands, finally reaches the Up Top and Bertram directs her to the Tankard for a drink.

Chest publicly posts the rules for the upcoming papal visit: 1, No public use of magic. 2, No public fighting. 3, An establishment of a temple of the Church of the West, and 4, a sit-down between the pope and the Barrow Wood council.

Ervendio takes offense at the posting of such guidelines — “If you invite someone into your home, do you let them make the rules?” — and very publicly casts a spell sending the Revengers to Skunt to begin their journey to retrieve Al for the upcoming summit.

Arriving in Skunt, they find papal banners and papal knights about. They choose not to engage with them, and to not seek out the reportedly-close-by Pope. Ervendio casts _easy march and the four-day ride to the hinterlands only takes an uneventful two.

They find Red Al and a small group of Barrow Wood militia folk having made camp outside of a castle. Al, cautious about this stranger claiming to be Bertram, is nonetheless glad to see the Revengers — there are some bandits in the castle and some sort of “salt circle” situation that needs clearing before he can return to Grudgewood.

The Revengers easily whollop the bandits, routing them and clearing the castle for settlement. Ervendio transports Red Al instantly back to Grudgewood and the Revengers stay behind to investigate a wizard’s tower and the so-called circle of salt.

Inside, they find a seemingly abandoned wizard’s tower. Valeria discovers a sort-of-hidden shaft that may be some sort of elevator; Bertram discovers a room full of bone boxes, as well as a foldable boat stuffed into a robe pocket. After rummaging through several empty bedrooms, they discover Content Not Found: null. Friendly at first, the wizard is outraged when they do not immediately disrupt the salt circle and free him.

The wizard answers none of their questions. Valeria shatters a very expensive crystal in front of him and Bertram goes through his books — they mostly seem to do with summoning creatures from far-away planes.

The wizard remains trapped in his circle, Valeria futzes with the “elevator” controls, and there are four days until the Pope is due to arrive in Grudgewood….

Group Awards
Where’s Al?, 5000
Castle Bandits, 1300
folding boat, 10,000

Group Total:. 16,300 Individual Award: 4075

Individual Totals
Bertram 14,075 (Is That A Boat In Your Pocket 10,000; Group 4075)
Earnest 14,075 (Carries the Saddle 10,000; Group 4075)
Ervendio 14,075 (Holds A Grudge 10,000; Group 4075)
Valeria 14,075 (Book Bum 10,000; Group 4075)

folding boat (Bertram)

Valeria: I fear for my father’s soul.

Bertram: to repair his friendship with Ervendio.

Ervendio: Bertram has offended my deity and I do not trust him.

Earnest: to protect Valeria.

interlude: Whence the Revengers?
our heroes start their journey home...

The Revengers — what’s left of them — are lost on a prime material plane far from their own. They are met by a group of saurian warriors, including Earnest of Greentop. Earnest becomes so impressed by the scope and grandeur of their quest to stop the Wolf of Arcworth that he pledges his sword to Valeria’s service, becoming her squire.

Dru Dracos opts to return to the Mountain That Moves and becomes the leader and unifier of the disparate kobold tribes within. He gives up ownership of ECCE, one of the pieces of the Rod of 7 Parts, and it is taken by Earnest.

After taking stock of the massive wealth from the dragon hoard, Ervendio attempt to plane shift the group back home. But something goes wrong and they are separated — Ervendio makes it back to Grudgewood with the treasure, Valeria winds up in The Craw, a wild and dangerous are of the Westlands, and Mildred is left behind in the dino-world.

But that’s okay with Mildred — she again becomes a witch of the wilds, sometimes helping the locals and sometimes being run off by them. Where Mildred winds up next is anyone’s guess…

Meanwhile on Urth, the Elven Moon has been destroyed and reassambled, and the Chaos Storm has dissipated. Ragnot Dankholme, separated from his crew and devastated by his brother’s death, encounters the CULT OF ISOLT, a small group of followers dedicated to Isolt ApBlanc, formerly of the isolated human kingdom called Grimland. The followers of Isolt nurse Ragnot back to health and he pledges himself to their golden guardian goddess. Ragnot encounters a group of wandering adventurers and protects them, finding new meaning in a new mission.

Ragnot dedicates himself to the tenets of Isolt: to guard, to put the charge before one’s self, to put first the well being of those under his protection, to chew his food before he swallows.

Wandering westward, Ragnot meets another traveler of the Stormlands — Jongle Janglemancer! This Jongle is seemingly from an alternate timeline or prime material plane, one where Jongle, Minja and baby Valeria were never separated in the Grimlands. Jongle suddenly found himself one of many alternate Jongles, some similar to the one the Revengers knew and some very, very different. The legion of Jongles started fighting amongst themselves until only two remained: this Jongle, who promptly crawled away and hid from the others, and a dark Jongle who callously murdered his other selves. The dark Jongle (who had renamed himself Jangle Jonglemancer) stalked off in search of the other-self he knew was still out there; but this Jongle headed off in the other direction, searching for his lost wife and child.

Meeting up with Ragnot, they decide to travel west together and head for Grudgewood.

Ervendio, splitting his time between Grudgewood and the island where his brother now leads a contingent of Kuraphai elves, convinces them not to rush to Elven Moon when it explodes during the illithid attack. When the Moon is subsequently fused back together again — in a broken series of “islands” locked in each other’s gravitational pulls — Ervendio leads the effort to transport refugees down to the island. The elves there are slowly and quietly building an outpost on Urth, not announcing their presence. Even in the aftermath of the Moon’s destruction, the island is a more light-hearted place filled with dancing and song. The Kuraphai are dedicated to rebuilding their civilization.

In the Craw, Valeria finds herself in a small goblin village that’s being terrorized by a nearby wizard. She goes to the wizard’s tower to investigate and finds an old human mage with a long white beard … who, somehow, is the long-lost Bertram Figg. Though still conflicted on whether to gather the pieces of the rod, Bertram is dedicated to solving the mystery of so many rifts in space & time, and joins with Valeria and they start heading east, back to Grudgewood.

On the way, they encounter a group of nuns — the Daughters of Edrick — who are also traveling to Grudgewood. They are going there in advance of Pope Ageptus II’s upcoming visit, planning to petition him for some kind of restitution for the recent burning of their convents on the orders of The Black Cardinal. 3 of the nuns are lost when they wander off with Bertram and are sucked into a space/time portal of undetermined origin; but just as they are thinking of turning against Valeria and Bertram, a miracle occurs. Valeria gains the new, divine power to cast spells in the name of Edrick, Half-Ogre.

The nuns pledge themselves to Valeria’s service, and the growing retinue heads to Grudgewood, the place where the Revengers’ quest began so many years ago…

Bertram: 250,000
Ervendio: 250,000
Jongle: 250,000
Ragnot: 250,000
Valeria: 250,000

Strange Goodbye
In which everything changes...

Flynnighan consulted with his crew, and decided that it might be best to find the captain of the downed spelljammer. He ordered the Pelicans into the tunnel that was ripped open by the crash. Magnus balked, though, and told Flynnighan, who was still quite drunk, that if he wanted to give Magnus orders, he would have to wrestle for it.

Flynnighan reluctantly agreed, and the two squared off. Magnus immediately went on the offensive, but Flynnighan proved slippery. And things became even more slippery when a strong hold from Magnus resulted in Flynnighan drunkenly vomiting on the half-ogre. The match ended in a draw.

Lines of command still unclear, the crew did indeed enter the tunnel. They found that it led to the lower levels of an old human temple, but no one was able to decipher the religious carvings on the wall.

The temple was large, and the party wandered through several rooms and down a cramped ladder before finding a secret door that had been opened and left ajar. When they entered the room, they were ambushed by a pair of Drow in dark but ornate uniforms.

Battle ensued. One Drow proved to be the Spell Jammer captain, and Flynnighan and Kyrashi immediately engaged with him. He nearly slew Flynnighan, who was then saved when Tognar poured an unknown potion down his throat. The other seemed to be the ship’s wizard. He slipped away from Magnus and got off a spell.

Tognar saw the wizard, Algezernon, preparing to unleash more magic and literally leaped into action. A long strange spear emerged from his hand, tearing through his hand. It was the magic slug sword from the beach, transformed to a spear to fit Tognars hand. Dread filled the air and a low human seemed to come from the spear as Tognar thrust into the wizard. But when the spear entered the wizard’s flesh something strange happened.

Tognar heard the sword thank him, and then it loosened and transformed. It became a slug once more, and burrowed into the wizard’s flesh. After just a moment, it emerged again as a dagger from Algezernon’s hand, and it cut the air, where a strange rending of space occurred. The wizard disappeared.

At that moment, Magnus remembered his Golem, and he ordered it to subdue the captain, who then yielded. Magnus offered to kill the Drow, but Flynnighan wanted to speak with him first.

The Pelicans learned that the captain was named Radazz. He had been part of an invasion of the moon, which had involved an alliance between Gith and Drow sects worshipping Nemo, sects which now had control of the Gith and Drow Kingdoms. Nemo had made a further alliance with the Illithid, and the Mindflayers were providing the dark elves with ships and strange weapons.

The captain said that the invasion was interrupted when the moon elves unleashed so much magic in their own defense, that they shattered the moon. The moon elves had been channeling magic through an orb, a twin to the one that Pelicans had found. But they had no chaos storm to fuel it, and they pulled instead from the life of the moon. When they used too much, their world broke.

The Captain then said that he had been ordered to break away from the now disorganized attack and told to return to Urth and enter the chaos storm. He was to subdue the Pelicans and take anything they had found, in particular the orb, and then rendezvous with the Gith ships that were en route.

Listening to Captain Radazz, Tognar realized that the moon elves must be dying as their world was being destroyed, and that he had the means to stop it. He took out the orb and told the Pelicans that he was going to fix things.

Flynnighan tried to stop Tognar, telling Tognar that it would kill him, and maybe destroy the whole crew. But Tognar was resolute and Kyrashi agreed that it had to be done. Tognar connected with the orb.

Tognar changed. His features flowed and he became a man, an elf, a dwarf, finally shifting into a yellow hobgoblin. He held on through the changes though, and then took control of the magic of the orb.

He felt the storm above him and tapped into it. He saw the past, and the present. The saw the forging of the two orbs, which were created by elves of all three elves nations in some distant past where they lived side by side. He felt the whole world around him, and felt the possibilities of change in it. He saw into his friends. He knew he could change them, and decided to leave them as they were.

He reached out to the spelljammer ship and healed it. It was a living thing, and it bloomed when he touched it with the orb. He thought that it would be good to be on the ship with his crew, and then they were there.

And then he reached for the moon. He felt the whole of the chaos storm channeled through the orb. He suddenly knew that Flynnighan was right—that the full power of the storm could heal the moon, but that in doing it he would destroy the orb and perhaps himself.

He did it anyways. He reached out through the orb and brought the pieces back together.

But just before they connected, the orb shattered. And Tognar was shattered, too. His last thought before he died was a vision of the moon, not quite whole, but saved. Five huge pieces of rock orbited each other, each with their own atmosphere, broken but stable and full of life.

For the rest of the Pelicans all of this took an instant. When Tognar’s body fell, they felt he had succeeded. The ship around them was whole. Kyrashi announced that they would need to use it to help the elves of the moon, and Magnus agreed

Flynnighan moved to kill Captain Radazz, but the captain told the Pelicans that he could fuel and fly the Spelljammer. Flynnighan wanted to kill him anyways, and to leave the ship. He said that they could build another, and crew it with gnomes.

Magnus and Kyrashi refused. Instead Magnus freed the Golem and asked it to keep watch over Radazz “until he learned to be good.” The Golem agreed.

Kyrashi set a course for the moon. Flynnighan though, did not stay on board. He stepped back to Urth as it took off, where he found the gnomes waiting for him.

He asked them if they needed a captain…


Special: if you are bringing your character into the Revengers campaign, level them up to match those characters.

Strange Signs in the Sky
In which the Pelicans lose the moon..

The Pelicans continue Searching the ship. They discover very quickly that the clicking noise in the Captain’s cabin came from a hidden compartment in the pantry. It has opened and released some sort of mold. The mold seems to be growing, and the temperature of the room is dropping alarmingly. The Pelicans close and lock the door, hoping that it will hold the mold in.
The Pelicans move to the higher decks, where they find a number of strange rooms. One is filled with star charts. Magnus walks away from it, ignoring the maps and muttering about finding and saving his fellow slaves. Tognar, however, searches the room carefully. He puts his hands on a strange black pillar, causing it to light up and project a hologram of the Urth, surrounded by broken fragments of what seems to be the moon. Tognar remembers what the Draw that they killed belowdecks had said—that there is no more moon. They had thought it was nonsense, but here was evidence…
The rest of the crew were continuing their search. Along the way, they discovered a strange cabin filled with wizard’s spell components. A chest in the room proved to be a mimic, which the crew destroyed and then plundered. They took a number of books and scrolls, but no one wanted to put on a ring still sitting on a skeletal finger.
Next the group traveled up another deck, where they were promptly ambushed by the draw crew that they had been searching for. The draw had armed to the gnome slaves with crossbows and were making them fire at the pelicans. The crew jumped over the gnomes, some engaging the crow and others turning to attack the gnomes. When one gnome was injured, Tognar healed it, telling him to flee, and the other slaves ran as well, but not before Ragnot speared one on his fork and bit out its neck, taking the gnomes blood in his mouth to complete some sort of ritual.
The Pelicans fought on, now focused on the Drow, when another Drow dressed as an officer entered, followed by a stone golem. Magnus began to wrestle the golem, and the Pelicans focused on the officer, whose magic proved a formidable threat.
After a long and hard fight, the Pelicans were victorious. The golem alone remained standing at the end, the officer having dropped its command stone when he died. The Pelicans took control of the Golem and continued up to the command station.
At the top deck they found several disturbing pieces of information. One was that the ship was built by mindflayers, though it had been refitted to accommodate Drow. How the Dow had taken possession of the ship, or why it had been given to them, the Pelicans did not know. The other was that the Captain had escaped through a hole in the top deck which led into a tunnel below the gnome village.


Group Awards:

Golem: 1,000
Drow: 1,250
Noble Drow: 975
Deep Gnomes: 65
Mimic (killer): 2,000
Total 5,290

Individual Totals

Tognar 1458 (Comforter: 400, Group 1058)
Ragnot 1458 (Frog Maw: 400, Group 1058)
Magnus 1458 (Drow Toss: 400, Group 1058)
Flynnighan 1458 (Combat Roll: 400, Group 1058)
Kyrashi 1458 (Back!: 400, Group 1058)


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