AD&D - New World

92: Dungeons & Dragons
our heroes fight a red dragon

Trapped between the portcullises, Valeria uses her trident to gather the golden, bubbling remains of Bea’s possessions: a lightning wand (Mildred), a ring of shield (Mildred), a ring of spell storing (Mildred), Wow! Bear (Ervendio), a glass bead of avert evil eye (Valeria) and her spell ook (Ervendio).

As they are looting their friend’s items, the portcullises unlock! The elderly dragon-kin the Revengers left to die comes through — with no hatching eggs, he wants to die fighting a dragon. Old Man D leads them through the rest of the trapped chamber.

Before they can move on, Carol/Ann and Lil Yankee are sent through the golden bubbling portals of Bea’s wild magic energy. Lil Yankee — unbeknownst to all, but knownst to herself — has pickpocketed Lex, Golgaraz’s piece of the rod. Meanwhile, Dru Dracos emerges BACK through the portal, having had a fight with his girlfriend, and having realized he was better off facing his demons than running from them. Dru is given the glowing blue blade it is an intelligent dragon slayer.

Suddenly, a head-splitting pain cuts through each of the Revengers — something has happened! Some of them puke. But what has occurred?

Old Man D leads them through a foggy chamber that interferes with their infravision. They come to a fire-breathing dragon that repeats the same thing, again and again: “Begone trespassers! I am tired of your excursion into my mountain, and I will tolerate it no longer!”

Dru and Valeria charge ahead, ready to battle the beast — but the others realize it is a false dragon head. Ervendio finds a secret door behind the head and Valeria, quaffing a potion of storm giant strength, rips the faux head in twain.

They head in and see the great dragon hoard — mounds of coins, magic items, and treasure, atop which rests a VENERABLE RED WYRM. The creature greets them! “It is good to finally meet, face to … faces?”

Valeria CHATKAS the creature, killing it in one blow. It polymorphs back into a kobold — secretly, it was Fragalax, the chief of CLAN WYRMGUARD.

FURAN THE DEFT emerges and monologues villainously. He is actually — she! Infryana, Queen of the Mountain. Infryrana offers to let the PCs live if they leave their stuff behind. But the Revengers attack! Dozens of kobolds emerge from the shadows, and a NOLAN appears, attacking Midlred & Ervendio

Mildred sets off some black tentacles against the dragon and Ervendio and Golgaraz protect much of the party from fire. Dru is ENLARGED and he rushes the dragon. Infryana fires her breath weapon — Golgaraz and Old Man D are hideously burned. Valeria tosses a hasted-ax , outruns it, and attacks — the ax lands, but her trident hits Dru and nearly kills him. Dru, wielding the intelligent dragon slaying sword, lands a devastating blow.

Old man D, in a last act, destroys the nolan with the lightening wand he wrestled from Mildred. The dragon-kin egg Mildred was carrying hatches and the youngling feeds on the crispy, still-kind-of-allive D.

Ervendio fires a poison arrow and it hits Infryana — in the eye! The venerable red wyrm dies on her treasure pile. The smoldering Golgaraz strums his lyre of building, nearly hitting a DESTRUCTIVE note, but instead plays the lullaby of Lil Yankee one more time.

The rest of the kobolds are destroyed, and Mildred searches through the hoard for the 6th part of the rod. Unwilling to claim it herself, Valeria invites Dru to become a full-fledged Revenger. "Yeah, fuck it,” he says, and claims ECCE, the 6th piece of the rod.

With a massive dragon hoard to their name, the Revengers find a hidden path nearby that leads out of Infyrana’s lair. But the Mountain That Moved has moved — that strange, head-splitting sensation from earlier — and they find themselves in a strange new world, surrounded by rainforest. They are approached by mounted, armored warriors investigating the strange mountain.

The warriors raise their helms — they are sauriels, intelligent dinosaur people, who remark: “There goes the planet.”

Three have been lost: Kit, Bea, Golgaraz. Two more friends met in transit (Duncan Urd and Old Man D) died to secure this sixth piece of the rod. Carol/Ann and Lil Yankee have been sent away, and their safety & fates are unknown. The Revengers are lost on a strange new world, a different plane of existence. The dragon is dead, Ecce is recovered — but what now?

Group Awards
The Nolan: 3000
Fragalax, the False Dragon: 200
Kobolds x50: 350
Kobold Lts: 30
Infyrana, Red Dragon, Queen of the Mountain That Moves: 30,000
Ecce, 6th piece of the Rod of 7 Parts: 10,000

Group Total: 43,580. Individual Award: 7264

Individual Totals:
Dru: 13,264 (Yeah Fuck It 6000, Group 7264)
Ervendio: 13,264 ( Fire Protector 6000, Group 7264)
Golgaraz: 13,264 (A Beautiful Melody/A Last Lullaby 6000, Group 7264)
Mildred: 13,264 (Mother of Black Tentacles 6000,Group 7264)
Old Man D: 13,264 (Feed the Young 6000, Group 7264)
Valeria: 13,264 (Axe A Hasty Question 6000, Group 7264)

REVEALED: 2 Dragon Slayer (4 vs. true dragons; x3 dam vs. red dragons) (Dru)

dragon hoard:
52,000 cp
43,219 sp
55,793 gp
21,711 pp

413 misc gems, worth a total of 97,990 gp
174 worth 10 gp each
137 worth 50 gp each
49 worth 100 gp each
20 worth 1000 gp each
21 worth 500 gp each
12 worth 5000 gp each

2 candlesticks, 40 gp each
8 silver settings, 750 gp each
10 fine crystal silverware pieces, 3500 gp each
1 fine tapestry, 4000 gp
1 fine painting, 2400 gp
6 statues of adventurers (not counting Bea), 4500 gp each
2 platinum drinking horns, 2000 gp each
4 electrum candelabras, 600 ep each
6 embroidered pillows, 150 gp each
2 glass figurines, 1000 gp each
1 golden statue of a dragon, 10,000 gp

20 potions
1 animal (mammal) control
2 clairvoyance
3 climbing
4 diminution
5 extra-healing
6 elixir of health
7 elixir of madness
8 fire resistance
9 fire giant control
10 healing
11 human control
12 oil of etheralness
13 oil of fumbling
14 oil of impact
15 philter of stammering & stuttering
16 poison
17 poison
18 speed
19 treasure finding
20 ventriloquisim

11 magical scrolls, cast at 20th level
1 flaming sphere
2 lightning bolt
3 wall of iron
4 clone
5 polymorph any object
6 limited wish
7 cure serious wounds
8 holy word
9 protection vs. cold
10 protection vs. dragon breath
11 protection vs. poison

x-ray vision
fire resistance

thunder & lightning (24 charges)
striking (25 charges)

enemy detection (82 charges)
paralyzation (89 charges)

manual of quicking in action

cloak of the bat

crystal hypnosis ball

rope of entanglement

scale mail +4

shield +2

ring mail +3

plate mail +3

mace +3

sword of dancing

scimitar of speed +2

morning star -1

91: Beginning of the End
our heroes begin the final approach

The sound of battle intrudes on the quiet of their safe room.

In the dungeon beyond, the Revengers spy a kobold named Duncan Urd, of the Dragon Mountain Urds, fighting a brain spider. He’s one of the slaves they liberated, and with the rest of his fellows dead in a failed rebellion, he has sought out the Revengers to join them. He knows they are called The Killers and he knows they are led by a powerful wizard called The Devastator.

The party helps him kill the spider, and in its final moments Duncans “overhears” its final telepathic call: more food. come, and eat!

Bea, unused to how heavy her now-solid-gold body weights, lags behind as the group explores the halls. She sees another brain spider emerge from a narrow crack in the walls and she fireballs it. The Revengers join in, destroying it.

In a secluded corner, the party discovers a group of dragon-kin taking refuge. They are protecting a thatch of eggs. The Revengers kill the defenders, and Mildred and Carol/Ann claim a dragon-kin egg for their own. During the fight, “Lil” Yankee is hit by a fumbling miss from Golgaraz’s dancing scimitar. After the fight, they discover an elder dragon-kin, waiting to be eaten by the hatched younglings. It tries to battle the Revengers, but can’t even rise from its bed. The party leaves it behind.

They debate taking the rest of the eggs and take out a magic sack they’d found some time earlier. They test its capabilities, wondering if it’s a bag of holding. A spear goes in, but won’t come out. Duncan reaches in to retrieve it — and discovers it is actually a bag of devouring. Their new kobold ally is eaten by the bag. The group immediately forgets his name — Stiv? — just another in a long line of kobolds who have tried to help them.

They go south, past an open (and not-trapped) portcullis. They find a series of closed, and seriously locked, portcullises. They again discuss whether to turn back, and why they are even seeking this dragon hoard at all. Is there even a rod here? Has Darcie Bill already claimed it? Wasn’t he supposed to be in here somewhere? What was up with that huge fortress they saw?

Carol/Ann cannot unlock the first portcullis. Valeria tries to bend its bars — Bea assists with a knock — and Valeria thinks she’s done it herself. For the next one, Bea helps with a fabricate spell, creating a steel statue of herself, leaving Valeria to wonder how she’s gained these strange new powers! Bea uses her beholder’s eye to turn the statue into a golden replica of herself.

Heading to the third portcullis, the group runs into an invisible wall of force. It cannot be dispelled, so Ervendio and Golgaraz turn the group ethereal in order to move past it. They slip past some sort of gravity-defying trap, but then hit a magical dead zone. They are snapped back from the ethereal plane, immediately setting off a deadly fire trap. Bea is melted into a puddle of molten gold slag — a very powerful mage, and one of the original Revengers, is utterly destroyed.

The flame clicks off. The Revengers back off of the pressure plate. Carol/Ann, near death, is revived by Ervendio. The group is trapped between two heavily-locked portcullises, their wizard is dead, and the dragon awaits….

brain spiders, 8,000
dragon-kin, 11,200
old dwarven traps, 500

group total: 19,700. individual total: 3284

Bea 6284 (Devastator 3000, Group 3284)
Duncan 6284 (A Fine Gentleman 3000, Group 3284)
Ervendio 6284 (Don’t Forget Darcie Bill 3000, Group 3284)
Golgaraz 6284 (Invisible Swordsman 3000, Group 3284)
Mildred 6284 (Feels Like a Girl Again 3000, Group 3284)
Valeria 6284 (Bends Bars 3000, Group 3284)

dragon-kin egg (Mildred and Carol/Ann)

90: Attack of the Brain Spiders
our heroes face unexpected trouble

In the room of broken fountains, the Revengers search for a place to rest. Looking to get out of the open hallway, they explore a mysterious wet room. Bare of any furniture or decoration, it holds a pool in the far corner that seems impossibly deep, with waves that gently lap the floor of the room itself. Mildred turns herself into a toad and tests the water, nearly finding herself sucked deeper by some unseen force. Mildred escapes the pull of the water and the party tries another door.

The second room is again quite damp, but it is filled with distorted and water-logged wooden crates. Toad-Mildred disturbs a brown mold that explodes onto her, sucking the warmth from her body. Carol/Ann uses the wind fan to blow the mold back and the party leaves the room, even as the brown mold starts to drift forward again.

They wonder if they could rest in their current room, between the two water-rooms, and soon find themselves discussing if and how they can even fight a dragon. Will their weapons hurt it? Will their magic?

As they discuss and compare notes, Mildred sees the door creak open — and a hideous beast enters the room. It is a spider, six-feet in length, and its abdomen is one large brain. It’s followed by several other brain spiders and the party is quickly under attack!


Five brain spiders set upon the party. One of them has a wand of lightning grafted to one of its eight legs, and its devastating attack nearly kills several Revengers. Carol/Ann is (briefly!) lost before Bea’s alternate reality undoes her demise; the same happens to Mildred. Golgaraz nearly goes down as well, but is revived by Ervendio.

Carol/Ann’s near-death experience changes her. Perhaps it is a change of heart, or perhaps the Carol/Ann who survives is truly an alternate reality Carol/Ann — but either way, she is no longer the lawfully-evil drow the party met in the Underdark. She is now dedicated to goodness. Likewise, Golgaraz realizes he should do better at keeping Lil Yankee out of danger, after she witnesses each one of his mirror images (and then his actual self) cut down. Mildred’s lesson is that she wants to learn fireball.

Bea attempts to cast protection from evil on Mildred during the fight, but her spell surges — she turns completely into gold. She is alive, but is technically an inorganic, but sentient, golden creature. The long-term effects of this change are unknown.

The five brain spiders are killed after a harrowing battle. Valeria, relieved no one has really died, declares it a good fight.

Golgaraz plays the lyre of building and creates a safe room, secure from future incursions, and the party rests for a full 16 hours, plotting their next move….

brown mold, 0
brain spiders, 20,000

Group Total: 20,000. Individual Award: 4,000

Individual Totals
Bea 7,000 (Goldenbea 3000, Group 4000)
Ervendio 7,000 (Military Commander 3000, Group 4000)
Golgaraz 7,000 (One by One 3000, Group 4000)
Mildred 7,000 (The Shape of Water 3000, Group 4000)
Valeria 7,000 (A Good Fight 3000, Group 4000)

wand of lightning

89: Trail of the Dragon
our heroes find the true path...

The hissing gas starts to hit the Revengers, causing them to pass out. Ervendio uses stone shape to escape the room and move east, into unknown territory. On the other side of this trapped room, Dru, Manass, and Carol/Ann are unconscious from the gas. The party rouses them and finds themselves in a large, contained “room” of fields and crops. Artificial sunlight shines in from somewhere unknown.

Manass expresses that she just wants to leave this terrible place, and Ervendio offers a dimensional shift that will take her to the moon elves founding a colony on Urth. She agrees and invites Dru to come with her. Dru accepts, even as Par Vatal calls them traitors to the Warriors of Winter. Ervendio casts the spell, sending them both out of the mountain.

Looking around the field, they find it is haphazardly planted and there are multiple areas that have been dug up. Whole sections of crops have been flattened or destroyed. Suddenly, a rocky fin breaks through the ground and approaches them — it is a bulette, a land-shark, and it is a perfect eating machine.

Golgaraz creates a second, illusory bulette to distract the creature, but the bulette seems to think it’s simply an opportunity to impress a mate. While the warriors hack away, the bulette is dispatched by magic missiles. Li’l Yankee attempts to rend the beast’s corpse, but only manages to make a meat-mess.

The party explores the fields (it’s mostly beets and potatoes) and Ervendio searches for magic. This leads them to a nearby shed, where they find a magic sickle (claimed by Furan the Deft, and, next to that, a group of fearful farmers, hiding from the bulette. They are grateful the creature has been killed, and they are happy to help the Revengers in their quest — even more willing, once Mildred charms one of them, a farmer named Boob Torn Claw.

Though discouraged by his wife, the charmed Boob leads the Revengers to the edge of Rusty Blades territory, telling them the way to Infyrana is through there. Furan the Deft, still professing the way to the dragon is through the undermine, disappears from the party’s company.

Meanwhile, Par Vatal wants to turn on the farmers and kill them — he says they are feeding the kobolds of the mountain, and are therefore the enemy. He’s glooped by Golgaraz and says the Revengers have been tricked by the kobolds. Ervendio dimension shifts Vatal to Amara, to the cage where Proteus died, along with a note to Nari al-Fanif, the alchemist they met there.

The Revengers turn ethereal and pass through a collapsed tunnel, exploring more of the mountain. They discover a massive fortress with red dragon banners, and squadrons of disciplined soldiers doing drills. They discover a walled-up guard tower containing a chained, emaciated kobold corpse clutching a rolled up sheet of paper — but, being ethereal, they cannot touch or read it.

The party doubles back and follows Boob’s directions before the ethereal spell wears off. They bypass Rusty Blades territory entirely, passing through two closed portcullises, and find themselves in a room of destroyed fountains, marked by the same red dragon banners they saw on the fortress.

The path of the dragon lies before them….

Group Awards
escape from the hissing room, 600
bulette, 4000
farm treaty, 1000

Group Total: 5600. Individual Award: 934

Individual Totals
Bea 3934 (Bulette/Boo-lay 3000, Group 934)
Dru 3934 (Early Retirement 3000, Group 934)
Ervendio 3934 (Dimensional Shifter 3000, Group 934)
Golgaraz 3934 (Monster Maker 3000, Group 934)
Mildred 3934 (Friend to the Famer 3000, Group 934)
Valeria 3934 (Anti-Parv 3000, Group 934)

sickle, magic (lost w/ Furan)

88: Trapped in the Hissing Room
our heroes are trapped in the hissing room

Letting the shadow spiders battle the Wishbone guards, the Revengers charge into the slave quarters. They find four guards in the initial interrogation room — Valeria tries to konk one out with her fist, but it just bloodies him. Bea thunderstaffs three of the kobolds to bits, knocking open an opposite door — revealing 6 more guards. They yells “Wishbooooone!” as they charge into battle.

Dru beelines past the guards into the slave pens. He finds the sergeant in charge cowering in a locked cell. There are 20 kobolds crammed in a second cell and three humans in a third. Bea uses acid arrow to melt a kobold, uses her disintegrating eye to destroy another, punctures and kills a third with her quarterstaff. One of the last surviving kobolds engages Valeria in combat and nearly fells her with one blow — her noses is smashed by a (critically) lucky hit.

With the kobolds dispatched, the Revengers free the slaves. Half of the kobolds storm off to take the fight immediately to their captors, while the others linger behind. While the Revengers debate what to do next, some of the kobolds murder the now-imprisoned Wishbone sergeant.

In another cell, the Revengers find three human captives:

Par Vatal, a human knight and leaders of the Warriors of Winter. Vatal led the Warriors into the Mountain That Moves when it was on another plane of existence, intending to find and kill the dragon within. Instead, the kobolds of the mountain captured the Warriors, killed all but two of them, and imprisoned the survivors. Vatal’s leg is broken when the Revengers find him — Valeria heals him and Vatal leads the rest of kobolds out to fight Wishbone.

Manass: a human wizard, novice adventurer, and the other surviving member of the Warriors of Winter. Her fingers have been broken, so she is unable to cast spells. She regrets having joined Vatal on his fool-errand to kill the dragon, and now wishes only to escape this mountain.

Furan the Deft: a human thief, he entered the mountain alone in search of the dragon’s treasure. He never made it that far. He is happy to accompany the Revengers as they seek the dragon hoard, but he is not interested in taking any risks on their behalf. He comes from a “hell-world” he calls B’rrg.

Valeria finds none of the three are evil. Vatal asks Dru to pledge himself as “his man,” which Dru does. Vatal declares him a Warrior of Winter. When Vatal rushes off with the surviving kobolds to battle Clan Wishbone further, Dru does not accompany him. Neither does Manass.

Dru is suspicious of Furan and wants him to “take the lead” out into the tunnels of Wishbone territory. Furan does not want this. Dru gives him a dagger. Furan says he thinks the way to the dragon is through thh Undermine — he thinks the entrance is back down on the first level.

Vatal comes running back, fleeing the sounds of battle — the freed kobold slaves have all been killed. The Revengers attempt to avoid combat, but wind up in a dead-end tunnel with Wishbones taking up defensive positions around a bend. Bea attempts to passwall through a solid wall, but this fails. She disintegrates through another wall, back into the slave cells. .

Bea uses the wand of wonder to cast invisibility 10 foot radius and the Revengers sneak past the Wishbones cleaning up the dead of the failed slave revolt. Dru almost falls into a pit of oil, but Bea saves him with feather fall.

The party finds a set of double-doors leading out of Wishbone territory and into somewhere unknown. Dru moves into the room to search for traps, but in so doing sets off a pressure plate — the doors slam shut, locking the (still invisible) party in a small room with barred double-doors on two sides. Then Bea and Valeria hear a hissing sound….

Group Awards
9 kobolds, 63
free the slaves, 2300

Group Total: 2363 Individual Awards: 788

Individual Totals
Bea 3788 (The Devastator 3000, Group 788)
Dru 3788 (Slave No More 3000, Group )
Valeria 3788 (No Nose 3000, Group )

87: We're In Wishbone Territory
our heroes talk their way past clan humanbane

Still in Black Death territory, the party explores nearby hallways looking for a place to rest. They find a guard room surrounded by ready-to-spring crushing blocks — including on that had already crushed a very human hand that was still clutching a parchment. The party immediately vacates the area.

They cross into Clan Humanbane territory, discovering a ravine that had opened up in what was once a well-to-do area of houses and estates. Hearing “bird” calls from the ramparts, the Revengers surmise they have been spotted by Humanbane lookouts. The party retreats to an easily defendable room filled with weapons and food supplies. They set up camp for the night, and the evening passes uneventfully.

But as they leave their camp in the morning, they find that metal bear traps have been set throughout what was once safe and clear hallways. Dru nearly loses his head from a trap suspended from the ceiling and Carol/Ann barely avoids another. Afterward, the party begins a foot-by-foot crawl across the ravine’s bridge, checking every step.

Exploring the abandoned buildings that used to be fancy mansions, they surmise they are walking through the training grounds for Clan Humanbane. There is nothing here of consequence except bloodstains and danger. Across the bridge, there is an ancient killing field — dead, skeletal kobolds left on the field of battle. It is a grim and foreboding walk.

Crossing the field, the Revengers are approached by a parley party from Clan Humanbane. Bea and Valeria step forward as negotiators, and Humanbane fails to recognize Bea as a human. Bea translates for Valeria. The Revengers tell the kobolds they are headed to Wishbone territory to pit the Wishbones against the Bloods — both being enemies of Humanbane, the party is invited to a wine picnic. Ervendio supplies the old wine, Dru dons the cloak of the bat to avoid being killed on sight by the human-hating Humanbane, and the two forces break bread together.

The party heads up to the third level of the mountain. Bea fabricates the defensive arrow slits of the staircase closed. Confused and suspicious Wishbone guards circle around as the Revengers peek into kitchens and supply rooms, seeking the slave quarters. The guards close in on the Revengers and Bea summons shadow spiders to fight for them. Carol/Ann uses the wind fan to blow back any possible poisoned arrows and the rest of the party retreats, letting the Wishbone guards engage the spiders.

Dru leads the group toward the slave pens that he is all too familiar with….

Group Awards
Humanbane Parley, 1000
Shadow Spider Fient, 200

Group Total: 1200 Individual Award: 240

Individual Totals
Bea 3240 (Huh? 3000, Group 240)
Dru 3240 (Always Wanted to Be A Bat 3000, Group 240)
Ervendio 3240 (Old Wine 3000, Group 240)
Golgaraz 3240 (Redistribution of Blades 3000, Group 240)
Valeria 3240 (Lost in Translation 3000, Group 240

3 platinum pieces
1 dagger (from shaman’s quarters)

86: Meet Dru Dracos
our heroes diffuse a human bomb

With the Black Death leadership dead at their feet, the Revengers search the room. They discover the clan leaders private (and relatively spartan) bedchambers, including a secret closet and chest of items: a wand, a tied sack, a black cloak, 10 vials of liquid, and a pile of gold & platinum coins.

While they go through the items, the Black Death guards in the next room investigate what were clearly the sounds of battle. They immediately withdraw when they see the Revengers still standing and all of their comrades already dead.

To test out the mystery wand, Bea points it at the kobold corpses and fires. She discovers it is a wand of wonder — a magical item that is chaotic in nature. Due to Bea’s study of chaos magic, however, she is (sometimes!) able to control the effects of the wand. Of the other items, the party can tell the cloak and the tied sack are magical, but they do not further investigate their properties.

Meanwhile, the Black Death guards return with a sack of poisonous snakes. They toss the sack into the room and retreat. The Revengers open (mostly-magical) fire on the snakes, exploding poison throughout the room — some right into Golgaraz’s mouth. Golgaraz is stupefied and made lethargic by the poison, but Ervendio neutralizes the poison’s effects.

After several minutes, the guards return — this time with a living bomb! It is a cask of oil with a burning wick, strapped to a human slave. They attempt to send the slave into the room with the Revengers, but the party has stacked the corpses of the dead kobolds in front of the door. This might be enough to prevent a kobold from battering through — but this living bomb is a determined man, named Dru Dracos. Either possessed by a deathwish, or simply a desire to follow orders, Dru attempts to batter his way through the door (and the corpses) to deliver his lethal package.

Golgaraz and Ervendio are able to spellcast through the battered door, knocking away the chains attaching Dru to the bomb, and gooping the bomb itself — putting out the lit fuse and attaching it to the far wall, away from the Revengers. But Dru has trouble understanding his status as “rescued” by the Revengers — he has been enslaved in the mountain for years, and he perceives the Revengers as enemies.

The party is able to reverse-lock-pick the door to the hallway, buying them some time, but the kobolds continue to harass them. The kobolds unlock the door with their own keys — but as a kobold tries to re-light the oil pot, it explodes and he dies aflame.

Outside in the hall, a new foe has arrived: kobolds from Strike Force Zedd, an elite group of soldiers taken from all 12 clans of the mountain. Armed with shields and accompanied by monstrous dragon-kin, they attempt to block any retreat or escape for the Revengers and draw them into combat in the hall.

A chaotic battle unfolds. Dru charges the attackers, even as Bea tells him not to enter the fray. Bea casts a vortex that decimates the attackers, but not before Valeria gets caught in a dangerous bottleneck in the doorway, facing one of the dragon-kin.

Unprepared for Bea’s magical assault, this initial encounter with Strike Force Zedd ends in a decisive victory for the Revengers. But Dru has been caught in the crossfire of Bea’s spell, and when Mildred reappears he snaps — he lunges for the wizardly kobold and is violently restrained by the rest of the party.

Held down and blinded, Dru is finally interrogated by the Revengers — he was part of an assault team that entered the mountain from another plane, a far-away world called Krynn. He was enslaved by the Wishbone clan, and he proposes to lead the Revengers to the other slaves there, inciting a slave rebellion against the Wisbones’ vicious leader Karlanaat.

Intrigued by this information, the Revengers free Dru, arm him (lightly) and armor him (improvisationally)….

Group Awards
poisonous snakes, 1050
kobolds, 56
dragon-kin, 2800
Group Total: 3906 Individual Awards: 651

Individual Totals
Bea 3651 (Vortex of Bea’s 3000, Group 651)
Dru 3651 (They Call Me Tiny Slim 3000, Group 651)
Ervendio 3651 (Knock Locks 3000, Group 651)
Golgaraz 3651 (Poisonous Mouthful of Guts 3000, Group 651)
Mildred 3651 (Die, Devil Dog! 3000, Group 651)
Valeria 3651 (Stupefied 3000, Group 651)

a black cloak (magic)
a tied sack (magic)
a wand of wonder (Bea)

10 vials of liquid (not magic)

300 gp
20 pp

85: Kit & Kaboodle
our heroes experience failed negotiations

The Revengers re-materialize from their ethereal state in the very heart of Clan Black Death! Very different from the Dreadnoughts, Black Death are a military clan charged with guarding the Mountain That Moves from outside invaders. They speak proper draconic instead of the bastardized kobold language of the Dreadnoughts and the Urds.

The leader of Black Death informs the party they are known invaders of the mountain, called “The Killers” by the native kobolds. He expresses that he does not wish to fight them — this is Black Death’s home and their families are near by. The Revengers attempt to negotiate passage to the dragon’s lair, but the leader of Black Death is resolute that they must not pass. He reveals the dragon’s name is Infyrana, Queen of the Mountain, and she does not negotiate with anyone.

They ask directly about the missing piece of the rod, but Black Death has never heard of it. Perhaps it is part of Infyrana’s treasure hoard, but that’s not the sort of detail a lowly Black Deather would have.

Inspecting the maps and charts on the walls, Valeria has a natural talent for deciphering the kobolds’ scratchings and drawings. She’s able to figure out that Black Death is allied with the Torn Claws and enemies with the Rusty Blades; the Dreadnoughts are allied with the Mangled Fists and enemies with Gnarled Fangs and the Skullkickers; and the Bloods are are allied with the Wishbones and enemies with Humanbane.

The Revengers attempt to use this information to further work with Black Death, but Black Death refuses to work with any outsiders against the interests of the kobolds of the mountain.

The party finally agrees that they will be moving on — but through the Black Death kobolds in their path.

There is a battle! The Revengers handily wipe out the Black Death elite guards and the clan leader, but not before two poison arrows strike Valeria and Kit, respectively. Bea casts alternate reality to save Valeria’s life, but the arrow that strikes Kit is laced with a deadly poison that takes immediate effect. Kit Tik, son of Teks, the Garath, Knight of Mypp, Revenger, .01 years young, dies from a kobold arrow.

Bea’s summoned shadow-dao casts an illustory limited wish, allowing Kit some illusory last words. He wants someone to carry on his mission as the Garath … but none of the Revengers are willing to carry on his legacy.

He will be remembered, but it appears Kit’s mission has failed….

Group Awards
kobolds (7), 49
kobold shaman, 35
kobold chieftan, 15

Group Total 99. Individual Award 20.

Individual Totals
Bea 3020 (Un-Poisoner 3000, Group 20)
Ervendio 3020 (#Blessed 3000, Group 20)
Golgaraz 3020 (Reluctant Fireball 3000, Group 20)
Kit 3020 (A Bright But Brief Light 3000, Group 20)
Valeria 3020 (Kobold Map Reader 3000, Group 20)

84: Dreadnoughts Defeated
our heroes defeat a kobold clan

The Revengers go back to the start — to the stable they avoided at the beginning of their exploration of Dreadnought territory — and find a frightened but sleepy stablekeeper there. He can lead them to the Dreadnought boss, Nasan, but will only work with the Revengers if they look like they’re going to win. He is very upfront about this!

The stablekeep leads them back toward the fiery hallway trap — but reveals an illusory wall leading to Nasan’s chambers. It was the same wall Valeria had checked for secret doors a few days before. Down a short hallway, they find a small dining room — and sitting atop a throne of trash is the Dreadnought boss.

The Revengers offer to trade their kobold baby in exchange for Nasan’s gleaming blue blade — seemingly Chyrithis, the elven blade. Nasan offers to give the Revengers anything they want — if they can strike down his champion!

Ervendio strikes down the Dreadnought champion.

Heat metal kills the champion in his armor. Ervendio claims the blade as Nasan, in a rage, rescinds on his deal and orders his Dreadnought guards to attack the Revengers. The party juggles fighting off the Dreadnought guards, stopping the escape of Nassan, and getting the kobold baby back to her mother, JJudee Dreadnought.

From the defeated Nasan, the Revengers learn the ruler of the Mountain That Moves is a female red dragon. Nasan calls her The Queen. He claims to have never seen the creature directly, but he fears her and will take no direct action against her. He also reveals there are three levels to the Mountain That Moves (“four, if you count the mines”) and twelve distinct kobold clans: Wyrmguard, Wishbones, Humanbane, Black Death, Blood, Rusty Blades, Skullkickers, Dreadnought, Mangled Fist, Gnarled Fang, Torn Claws, and Urd.

Nasan also explains the map found by the Revengers — it warns of dangers at the Grand Staircase, protected by clan Black Death, which leads to the second level.


The Revengers turn ethereal and slip past the Black Death guards, past even some bizarre creatures that can sense them in their trans-planar state, and, despite the Black Death being alerted to their invisible presence, move past several guarded rooms on level 2 of the mountain. They slip into (and out of) what might be some sort of granary or barn, then re-materialize in the middle of what appears to be a Black Death planning session….

Group Awards
Stable Kobold, 650
Nasan’s Champion, 7
Nasan’s Guards, 56
Mother & Child, 6000

Group Total: 6713 Individual Award: 1119

Individual Totals
Bea 4119 (Former Adoptive Mother 3000, Group 1119)
Ervendio 5619 (Champion Dreadnought 3000, Elf Burials 1500, Group 1119)
Golgaraz 4119 (Ethereal Explorer 3000, Group 1119)
Kit 4119 (Murderous Apprentice 3000, Group 1119)
Mildred 4119 (Kobold Charmer 3000, Group 1119)
Valeria 4119 (Baby Wrangler 3000, Group 1119)

a gleaming blue two-handed longsword

Bertram Figg's "Adventures in Space" Volume III
A gnome falls to earth...

November 6th, 1917: Somewhere off of the coast of Casablanca,

A vermillion streak lights up the sky and disappears into the ocean. There, a pulsing glow awaits.

“All hands! All hands! HMS Begonia this is a Code Black.”

“Captain, U-Boat surfacing off of our port bow!”

“Prepare for impact.”

Steel crashes into steel, the Begonia lurches and rolls on her side. The German vessel U-151 , captained by Waldemar Kophamel, came around and began to exchange fire with the Begonia, deck cannons roaring over the quiet winter night.
“Alarm! Alarm!”
“We have him Captain.”
“Bring him to me.”
“He’s barely conscious sir, he keeps mumbling ‘Purplebot—’ "
“I said bring him to me!” Kophamel growls.

Bertram Figg is dropped before captain’s chair, sopping wet, stinking of the sea, and shivering cold. Kophamel wastes no time. "371 years, 8 months, and 22 days ago a vessel descended from the sky above what is now Eastern Prussia. It crashed, and from the remains a number of ‘artifacts’ were recovered by the church and brought before Martin Luther himself. Something in the relics from the vessel, presumably radiation, made him sick, and three days later, he was dead. Among them, this letter. It reads,

“To Bertram Figg,
If all goes according to plan, you should arrive at 33°45’08.1”N 7°39’08.7"W on the evening of, according to the Earth calendar, ‘November 6th, 1917.’ Naked as the day you were born. If you’ve made it this far, you will know Minja and I are long dead. However, time is a funny thing. It’s not a straight line, but more like, a curve? I don’t know how this will get to you, or why. Your magic will not work the same way here. It will change, and it will change you. =——————≥≥≥≥≥≥≥÷√÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷˙¥¶
This is a Letter of Compulsive Delivery. It must be passed on until it reaches you. No matter the cost, time, distance, or danger involved. I will return to this exact location in 455 years, 5 months, and 19 days. Wait for me there, and I will return you to your time.
Your friend,

-Teks Tik"

Captain Kophamel cleared his throat. "Every emperor of Germanic lands has been given this document. It has been studied, disputed, forgotten, discovered, studied again, forgotten again, rediscovered, and re-examined, until it lands here with me, and you, and….here we are. On the behalf of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the German empire, and the Kingdom of Prussia, we consider our debt paid, this matter settled, and would you please place this man under arrest, and put hi—


“What’s that, herr Figg?”


After the war, when Kaiser Wilhelm fled to the Netherlands, Bertram made a new life for himself in England. He assumed the name Christopher Hewett.

According to record, Hewett was born in Worthing, Sussex, to an army officer father and an Irish mother who was a descendant of Daniel O’Connell. He was educated at Beaumont College and at Wimbledon College, and at aged 7, made his acting debut in Dublin stage production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. At age 16, Hewett joined the Royal Air Force, leaving in 1940. Hewett then joined the Oxford Repertory Company and made his West End theatre debut in 1943.

He later appeared on Broadway in the musicals My Fair Lady, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Music Is and Kean and in the plays Sleuth and The Affair, among others, and directed the 1960 Broadway revue From A to Z and the 1967 Off Broadway revival of the Rodgers and Hart musical By Jupiter. Hewett also directed several stage productions including The Marriage-Go-Round and Beyond the Fringe and Camelot.

Hewett made his film debut in the crime drama Pool of London (1951), and later appeared in roles on Robert Montgomery Presents and DuPont Show of the Month. He appeared as the grand theatre director Roger DeBris in Mel Brooks’s comedy film The Producers (1968). In 1976, Hewett played the generic bureaucrat Federov in the short-lived sitcom Ivan the Terrible. During the 1979-80 season, he played Captain Hook to Sandy Duncan’s Peter Pan on Broadway. From 1983 to 1984, he portrayed Lawrence, Mr. Roarke’s (Ricardo Montalbán) sidekick on the final season of the ABC series Fantasy Island.

The following year, Hewett landed his best known role as Lynn Aloysius Belvedere, an English butler who works for a middle class American family in the sitcom Mr. Belvedere. After the series ended its run in 1990, Hewett appeared in a guest spot on an episode of the NBC teen sitcom California Dreams in 1994. His last onscreen role was a cameo appearance on the Fox series Ned and Stacey in 1997.

A devout Catholic and lifelong bachelor, Hewett served at St. Victor’s Church in West Hollywood. During his later years, he suffered from arthritis and diabetes.

Hewett “died” on 3 August 2001, at his Los Angeles home from complications of diabetes. He was 80 years old.

Bertram laid his old persona to rest just as he had so many others. It was a cold night in the fields of Borgdorf, 83 years, 8 months, and 28 days since Bertram had received Teks’ letter. Teks was right, magic had changed him. He was taller now, advanced in age but not in vitality. He had aggregated a moderate gut, and a full beard. A vermillion glow lit up the night, this time coming to a gentle landing before the old man waiting in the early morning mist. A door opened, and a formorian emerged, gizmos whirring about inside. Behind him, Teks rolled forward. Invalid in his old age, he wheeled forward and extended a claw, Bertram took it, and was led aboard. Soon, the droplet shaped craft ascended back from which it came, and the fields of Borgdorf were still once again.


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