4: Under the Urth

They are trying to get back home.

Deep underground, Mildred’s Revengers have discovered a dark, twisted world of evil elves, illithid scouts, and degenerate deep gnomes.

After their escape from the Chaos Storm, they wish only to find their way back to Grudgewood. But first they must wander the tunnels of the underdark, lit by glowing lichens and wandering fire beetles, avoiding patrolling trolls, mad kuo-toa, and wererat guards.

Their path seems to lead inexorably to Erelhei-Cinlu, a city of the evil drow. Can the Revengers find their way home from there? Can they escape with their lives? Has this quest been worth the cost so far? And what other costs remain to be paid?

These are the days of high adventure!

AD&D - New World

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