6: Dragon Mountain

In pursuit of the final undiscovered piece of the Rod of 7 Parts, the Revengers approach the mythical Mountain That Moves.

Located in the Horse Plains, in the heart of the Goblin Kingdoms, the mountain is home to an unknown number of kobold clans. Some friendly, some not, all entwined in their own conflicts, rivalries, and alliances.

Filled with twists, turns, traps, deadly enemies, powerful treasure, surprising allies — and, perhaps, a great red wyrm — Dragon Mountain is also home to one more piece of the rod.

Can the Revengers brave the oppressive halls of a grand dungeon? Can they assemble the Rod and save the Urth from Chaos? Are they one step ahead of the Wolf of Arcworth — or one step behind?

These are the days of high adventure!

AD&D - New World

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